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When we would learn about Moscow if not a grandiose booze?

on April 4, 1147 so also sank Into oblivion absolutely unnoticed if not the prince Yury Dolgorukiy. He this day waited for the visit of the prince Novgorod - the Seversk Svyatoslav Olgovich, expecting to make him the ally in the future. Place arrows the small village of Kuchkovo with the estate of the notable boyar Stepan Ivanovich Kuchki was appointed. Why chose it? Most likely, it was neutral strip where the guest and the owner could feel more - less relaxedly.

We will return on a few years ago. The son of the grand duke Vladimir Monomakh (you remember the phrase You Are heavy Monomakh`s cap? ) it is unlikely Rostovo - the Suzdal throne could apply for something bigger, than.

I though to Kiev was not far, but at the elder brother Yury - the prince Yaropolk II - was difficult to be fooled around. Already it is hard to say, than younger did not please the senior, perhaps, Yaropolk II did not accept restless character of Yury, but even after the senior sat down on reigning in Kiev, he appointed the prince to Pereyaslavl where future Kiev princes, not brothers, but the nephew Vsevolod Mstislavovich learned to dominate.

However, let`s not zadurivat to ourselves the head numerous princes. In those hard times of the woman gave birth in an okhotka, especially to princes. So at Yury Dolgorukiy historians counted only officially 15 children (from them 13 sons and 2 daughters). The number of illegitimate children makes 6 more people (5 sons and the daughter).

It is important to us to understand another - against whom vostrit the spear in April, 1147? It was the prince Izyaslav Mstislavovich who after Yaropolk II`s death in 1146, took Kiev and expelled Igor Olgovich reigning there from there. And his brother Svyatoslav also looked for the union with Yury to banish Izyaslav.

Waiting for the guest Yury Dolgorukiy ordered to lay tables so that they literally burst with binge and a game. How many it was welded on to honey to this solemn event, there is no mention. However on a visit, besides Svyatoslav practically all prosperous people of that time were called, heralds flew from a manor to a manor with a message that it is necessary great feast .

Took a walk wonderfully well. How many it was drunk to honey and it is broken oak benches, naturally, nobody remembers. And even on ancient Russian custom, the reveled troublemakers let out a red squeak owing to what the part of the estate of the notable boyar burned down. But he also did not think to be upset because Yury Dolgorukiy it is transparent hinted that the manor in honor of great day of a unification will be built up anew. Also will give it a new name.

Today one of the main ideas why the village received such name, the legend that the top of the religious nobility was called " is; " masks;. From here also occurred Maskva in which name in the next years and turned in about .

Other version is for some reason closer to me that it is synthesis of two words - Ma and kVA . Chroniclers note that earlier this place was in the wood surrounded with bogs on which infinite quantity of frogs ran the show. And as males suited the real vocal orgies in honor of the girlfriends, from here and the name " went; Ma with kVA .

Anyway, the nopervy mention of Moscow was noted in chronicles in this regard by the great feast arranged with Yury Dolgorukiy.

the Most interesting that neither that 1147, nor in the following, 1148 - m, Yury Dolgorukiy in a campaign against Izyaslav did not gather. And only in the summer of 1149 when Izyaslav expelled the son Yury Dolgorukiy Rostislav from the principality in the south, the prince, at last, brought together army. A bit later Svyatoslav`s ratnik and a great number of Cumans joined it. Whether not from there the saying went: Until the thunder bursts, the Russian man will not cross

Yury Dolgorukiy died 10 years later after the device of a great feast. During this time he managed to poknyazhit three times in Kiev, with breaks and is very short, in total about three years.

There would be it in the history? Can be. But would differ in nothing from numerous Izyaslavovichy, Mstislavovichy, Bryachislavovichy, Yaroslavovichy. And so - we speak Yury Dolgorukiy - we mean Moscow, and, on the contrary.

As they say, is sometimes simpler to get into crapes, than to get if to you the destiny gave

I some surprise, do not hurry to be upset to it. Perhaps, you will remain in the history exactly thanks to it