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How to determine character of the person by addiction to fruit? Part 1

Spring. And now all roads conduct on the market where abundance of fruit and vegetables simply inspires. It turns out that fruit and vegetables are not only a source of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances, it also an indicator of character inherent in you. Such, very interesting and even exotic opening, the American psychologists made. Besides, on your addiction to these or those fruit or fruktovo - vegetable couples can reveal not only the main traits of character of the person, but also a sexual basis of his nature, and even the vital principles.

Moreover, it is known that fruit play not the last role in the choice of sympathies between the man and the woman. For example, in the Middle Ages of the man chose to themselves wives as follows: they presented to girls various fruit and attentively watched their choice.

Tell me your favourite fruit, and I will tell who you are


Fans of apples there are persons diligent, even diligent, but a little old-fashioned. Usually people - " apples; are on the good account at the administration as can execute any assignment. The main traits of character of people of apple type is a confidence, reliability, conservatism. They do not love romanticism, are alien to any experiments (including in a bed), however are reliable and detailed.


Usually people peach type - natures sociable, are psychologically compatible to the majority of people around. In certain life situations it is difficult to understand, they joke or speak seriously. The main and most striking trait of character is an intelligence. A lack of character is the inability to cope with unplanned difficulties. But there is a certain paradox as peaches prefer also vulnerable, constraining natures. Shyness their time oversteps any limits, and from outside it seems that, for example, women - prudish and cold dolls. But it not always so: behind external restraint peach ladies hide the gentle soul. Fans of peaches long choose to themselves the partner or the partner even if it costs them humiliation and disappointment. They are ready to various experiments.


you are persons cheerful, hospitable, are able to find a common language with people. Elegance is inherent in you, you love beautiful things which you can appreciate. To people strawberry type envy is alien, they are never irritated on trifles. However suffer from jealousy torments (sometimes without strong reasons). Such women choose for themselves only very wealthy men. In turn, men of this type are changeable, they are in searches of partners very attractive and without complexes. Trust only the feelings and presentiments.


Positive personality! People water-melon the type is not loved and are not able to complain of life. But, in spite of the fact that they adore giving advice and to direct people to a true way, often are out of work. However it does not force them to change the habits. At home it is the appeasable husband and the father (the wife and mother), they treat people of the senior generation with respect. Are not basic at all that sometimes prevents them to achieve bigger in career. Women of this type carefully plan every minute the life. And if it is necessary, do not feel sorry for either the, or others forces and time to finish conceived to the logical final.

Sweet cherry

are people on the nature very gentle, mild, polite. Just for the hell of it and happiness of darlings are ready for everything. They like to listen and tell jokes, do not transfer gossips and lie. In the love relations are similar to the child, naive and trembling. Very painfully and hard take negligence to themselves.


Nature esthetic and sublime. Weighs each word before saying it, any rash statements and biased opinions. From people who do not divide their view try to keep at. Possess refined taste in everything, from clothes before the choice of books, but according to the lights. People of this type are one-woman men. In communication with women do not allow familiarities and ambiguities. Be sure that the man who reached for an excess piece of pineapple will bring you not less exotic feelings, than a fruit. But keep in mind that exotic also includes also its infinite communications, a set of complexes, lack of composure.


These people are able to keep secrets, personal and others`. But the excessive reserve often provokes mistrust from people around. Sometimes isolation not in the best way affects the relations with the family. Advantages of grape type is punctuality and ability to keep the word. Grapes are chosen by very closed women. They do not like to speak about the diseases and sincere experiences. These ladies can entrust the most intimate. Usually women of this type are afraid of loneliness and eternally strive for pleasures. Men, on the contrary, are favourites at ladies, but are very choosy in the choice of the partner.

Be continued.

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