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10 laws of wealth.


the First law of wealth says: You will have all you are worthy according to your beliefs!

The limiting belief: Be not allocated! From all directions impose us belief: The Poor is in the majority kind, patient, conscientious and law-abiding persons. And countries, rich - greedy and indifferent to destiny, and not too decent . You reflected to whom it is favorable that we considered so? That did not seek to be the rich?

To speak about money it is considered a bad form.

Actually, money does not do people bad. They just show our qualities. They give to good people energy of creation, wicked men they destroy.

When the person becomes well-known or rich, it is necessary to meet him anew.

The biggest difference between the rich and the poor not at a rate of property and the account which they have, and in own beliefs.


our words, affairs, thoughts are similar to a boomerang, they always come back.

To create wealth by means of deception and fraud all the same that to build the house on sand.

Madly rich on Earth not so there is a lot of. The most part of finance on the planet rotates in hands of people which number makes about 500 people. Almost each of them speaking about success components mark out honesty. Money do not suffer lie, treachery and theft. Or work and trust, or do not trust, but then do not work. It is impossible it is momentary to check people and to control: whether stole from you something . Then do not work with these people.

Not without reason in Coral Club there is a saying: Coral water gives strength to good people and washes away bad .


the English psychologists output the theory: If to raise all money existing in the world in one copper, and then to divide equally, then after a while all of them will equally gather around the same people .

The American journalist Napoleon Hill at the beginning of the last century counted that it is only possible to call 8% of men and 2% of women financially independent. And less than 1% of people - the rich.

Each unfortunate dreams to be happy, each patient - healthy, each poor - to the rich. Dreams, but does not want. Subconsciousness gets into gear. It gives to our brain a signal of readiness for full success or full fiasco. The desire has to be all-consuming, so strong that no obstacles in a way to the treasured purpose can frighten the person.

Where it is necessary to look for honey? There where there are bees. Aspen mushrooms - under an aspen. It is necessary to earn money where there is a lot of them.

The person has to work with the purpose to earn a certain sum of money and at the same time to derive pleasure (and the nobility specifically, on what to earn). At combination of these two purposes of people becomes provided and rich.

I Want to earn a lot of money - it about anything. The Universe, God such statements do not perceive, you do not receive the help. I Want to earn 10000 in a month - it is more concrete, but is unclear why to you this money. All the same what to ask a lot of energy, but if it is unclear why, involuntarily there are doubts: And whether it is necessary?

I Want to earn 10 000 to buy the car or to educate the child - it is a specific goal for achievement of which you need concrete amount of energy (money).

And if you know also make of the car or concrete educational institutions for your child, then your subconsciousness joins in the solution of a question how to solve this problem.

Good money and professional realization are perfectly combined in Coral Club . There would be a desire, all-consuming desire!


the Most important is an idea. Before going on life, you have to know where you want to come. Before to do something, it is necessary to see that you at the same time will receive as result. According to the law of clarity of intention of people has to understand that it wants and what it needs it for. But at the slightest percent of inaccuracy to the aid subconsciousness can be not counted any more.


What it is necessary for you to feel to the rich?

How many you have to earn for this purpose money and the main thing as?

Concrete reference points are necessary: focus attention, visualize the purpose. Whatever inaccessible it was, present yourself already reached it. The wealth is not just accumulation of money for the sake of them, it is strength which money gives us for realization of our intention.

It is not necessary to be afraid. The first that needs to be afforded is to think: And why is also not present?! And then already - yes and then - I want and then - how to make it? .

Our world and everything that in it is, submits to laws of the nature. Once you throw apple, and it surely falls to the ground. Secrets of true wealth behave similarly. Create attraction force by force of the intentions.


Nothing in the world, is shown by practice, it is impossible to replace persistence. Talented losers and unrecognized geniuses entered not one proverb. It turns out, it is not enough natural talent and academic degree in aspiration to wealth. The world is full of educated derelicts.

I do that I approve, I aspire to it is and so has to be.

Henry Ford gave a task: 8 - the cylinder engine in one block. Experts tried to prove that it is impossible. He told: Work until receive result . Gerin Ford is the person who was not afraid to dream and was not afraid to want that nearly one and too actually.

The persistence as a trait of character, begins to be shown in the childhood. People of this kind never recede, methodically go towards the aim. Failure serves for them only as a step to the following success.

The main thing - not to be afraid. The most pernicious emotion for welfare is a fear of the welfare. The known stereotype works: money - the evil.

Morphological substratum of uncertainty in subconsciousness: the person can be both strong and courageous, but every time tests a nervous trembling. Its internal I fears failures. Rich people - not an exception.

Sport - fine occupation to remove from itself a negative - a habit to doubts and uncertainty.

Strangely enough, many people are afraid to ask, are afraid to accept, it is easier for them to give.

The factor of creation of welfare is an interaction with people. And how I can interact if I am afraid of them to ask about something?

How to help and how to accept the help?

It is necessary to understand to whose hands you give money. Because there are people increasing energy of money, and then your broad gesture will go to both you and them for the good. And is taking away energy.

Children and those adults who are sincerely glad to any support belong to the first category.

To the second category, the money devouring energy, the people who are not able to accept gifts belong. Here their reaction to a gift: Why? It is so expensive, is not necessary! The Gloomy and sad temperament attracts to itself failure. I am a loser, I will never earn money - it can be programmed. From time immemorial heroes of the Russian fairy tales continue to give the last shirt, lying on the furnace.

People who live on credit, as a rule, push away from themselves money.

I owe one, another, I owe all . As soon as subconsciousness obtains this information, it puts blocks. I should not, I WANT to help the friends, relatives - here key to a solution.

To give a gift to the parents, the child such of which they dream money and time which is always not enough at someone are necessary.

There is no time . This phrase according to the checked psychological theory we program ourselves on failure. All life and rushes under this formula: I have no time . At first the person has no time, then it has no health, there is no opportunity and there is no money. Formula: I something do not have is pernicious for your success, and, above all is a vicious, incorrect self-programming . Because that abundance which is in the world allows to receive to the person everything that he wants If to show enough persistence and not to recede at the first mistakes and failures.

6. The LAW of BELIEF

the Law of belief means self-confidence. To someone, in something, and self-confidence and in own opportunities. The person who does not believe that he can become successful that it can become the rich that he can buy the best house in Cannes and has a rest in the best resort - he will never receive it. Gerontologists take away only - on reflection and realization - at most 15-30 years. Statistically after 55 years the motivation to enrichment vanishes. Not for nothing this age call pension. Life - not the Mexican series. Will not be 126 - oh, 278 - oh series. Here the beginning - there the end. It is one series. What managed to make for life - that yours.

Everyone has a real chance to rise by several steps of wealth above. For this purpose experts in wealth advise a thicket to look at real millionaires, and as seldom as possible - at losers. Any information both positive, and negative has property to flow from one person to another.

If in life unsuccessful people meet - it is the hint: You do something incorrectly. Change it .

Money does not distinguish a nationality, has no value and a sex of the person. Chances to improve the welfare at all are equal. The main thing - to believe in itself, in the abilities.

If you came in Coral Club certainly, you need belief in correctness of your choice, belief in the Company, faith in those people which joined you, belief that the success and wealth come to everyone who persistently moves to the purpose and does not betray the dream. In our Company hundreds of people of all for 3 - 4 could already make what was not reached for all previous life. So why not you? Communicate with successful leaders, strengthen the belief in own success.


the Law of a deliberate plan is a same strategy, sometimes one is its enough to attract welfare in the life.

It is possible to begin with drawing up the list of 10 points. 10 steps - 10 possible decisions.

People are divided into those who look for the failure reasons, and those who look for the solution of problems transfers a problem to a task.

What will I do to earn the necessary sum of money?

When you should make at the same time 28 cases, and in days 24 hours, you begin to think how to optimize process.

There is no secret any, just competently made plan.

The uniform, effective, step-by-step system of duplication is and there is a checked action plan which led to success of many people and to which you will be taught by your leaders who are initially interested in your growth and prosperity. But it is possible to teach it only those who passionately wish success and take the responsibility to study and follow the plan of successful actions.

On the other hand, chaotic inefficient actions or naive beliefs and so everything will turn out, I am adult with considerable life experience - a right way to disappointments.

Business without plan - money for wind!


Is recommended to pick up team of reliable and educated professionals, but it is better to have special knowledge most.

People who sell have to have knowledge, otherwise they will not be able just to answer a heap of questions.

66% of all American billionaires have the higher education. 12% - not below an average. Special knowledge in network business can be gained, duplicating successful actions of successful people. Not without reason network marketing is, first of all, system of training in skills, dublitsiruyemy system. And each professional in network business is a playing trainer whose purpose and a task - to train the pupils as to become them the successful playing trainers.


D. Trump: I am able to count the money, and Tyson is not able to consider. Lost several billion dollars .

Residents of Russia around the world are considered as financially careless. On a question: You plan increase in the income? In 95 cases the answer negative.

The wealth is defined not by how much you earn and as well you can live on own money.

It is very pleasant to go shopping with the child and on give to speak on - it is such adrenaline which I wish to test to each woman .

How many money is necessary for entire happiness? Ostap Bender needed 1 million.

Easy money does not happen - we convince ourselves persistently. However we believe in existence of an easy profit and even we know from where it undertakes: inheritance, gift, marriage, marriage, fraud.

This desire of an easy fast money pushes people in all financial pyramids. Why to accuse network marketing if to you suggest to profit on the friends and acquaintances?

You initially guessed that here something not so.

Believers call money temptation of a devil for which it is necessary to pay extremely expensively. And this is true if you received this money for the account of ruin of others.

Of what we are proud in Coral Club - so it what behind our back is not present scorched earth there are no people who are pushed on unreasonable purchases or suggest to get into debts. Moreover, we teach people not only how to earn money or how to create the residual income, but also as it is reasonable to plan the expenses.

10. The LAW of CHARITY

If you get a habit to share with the person in need, in your consciousness the feeling of abundance will imprint. Results will not keep themselves waiting.

Charity is not altruism, it is care of itself. The wealth can be compared to dispersion. Sprinkled a little around itself - and rapid growth of your capital began.

Very few people thought that wealthy rich people are spiritually rich people. Having earned a certain sum of money, these people by means of money begin to derive pleasure, to realize the dreams.

Brothers Tretyakov, Demidova, Mamontova, Ryabushinskiye.

Money is paradoxical: they not only solve problems, but also create them. Since the first moment of the existence they generate thirst of possession in large quantities. For many money is a criterion of happiness.

Actually money, and especially big money, comes to you when you are ready reasonably and with advantage to dispose of this energy. If to put a dam on the way of the rough mighty river, it is possible to drown in the spread waters. Money for the sake of money, a skopidomstvo - a right way to self-damage.

I love money, but I do not love them as I love life, the family .

Money gives strength and energy for creation, is a tool which introduces pleasure in human life.

Pierre Cardin: To succeed, it is necessary to have talent and to work much that style, quality was told for themselves. And still it is necessary to believe in himself and to meet people .

In all 10 laws of wealth it is said that there is nothing impossible. Therefore if you decided to become the rich, then at first solve whether this tool - money is necessary to you?

It is boring to be rich for the sake of wealth.

If you precisely know for what to you millions - forward! The way is open!