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Real unreality or whether it is possible to become rich - 2

you all - seduces Option 1?

You the incorrigible romantic and the dreamer who fell the victim of the glitches in the field of cultural fight for minds and hearts. Movies you saw enough, in other words. It at cinema the way out is always found. And in life everything is much more prosy. Well, where you will go and where you will hide? You have money for it? To the village, to the grandmother? Or to the neighboring city, to the friend? Or rent apartment, you will be closed, and you will sit so far money will not end?

And in general and what you so diligently run away from an opportunity to become the rich? To you what, the belief does not allow? It seems to you that rich people all idlers who only and want to profit on poor, unfortunate poor fellows who on them kowtow all life?

Yes, maybe so. And here you become the rich and show that it is wrong to live so. And show not the words, but affairs real. Grow rich, remain the good person and prove to all of them that it is wrong to live so, and here is how you - it is correct. And to stir words, envying their life It, you know when the dog from powerlessness bites whom not popadya Sadly, but many people so live

to you Option 2 attracted?

It, most likely, says that you got used to look for the reason of the failures anywhere including in itself in order that to justify the weakness.

People now clever became. They will read books psychological also know that they have, for example, any complex or heavy childhood memories to them do not allow to live, either a karma what or beliefs negative. Here they have an occasion to explain why at them so everything is bad. Also they are proud of it as the reason not somewhere, and in themselves was found. Correctly looked for where it is necessary. But they did not take one more step. The psychology - it not is intended for an explanation of the reasons, and for correction facing the person of psychological tasks.

In the West people estimate psychologists and all others ukhoterapevt by results of their work. If clients of the psychologist became rich people, to such psychologist it is worth going. And if his clients hide all heels which are worn out the boots, then with it loony i see. He will only help to explain, but not to solve. And psychologists local, knowing about such selection, clients to themselves when are chosen, they do not take those who come to be convinced of a full otioseness. They take those who want to become better and wants success in life more. People they work with it. And losers let exist as want.

At us, in the fatherland, it seems to me, immemorial Slavic draft affects to ask the question In what the reason of problems? . We have no habit to ask the question How to change a situation to the best? . Well it is fine, we come back to ours to fingers which on the place.

You chose option 3?

Decided to suffer, having gritted teeth? You know, recently interesting fact read: in Russia during the Great Patriotic War glorified those who heroically died, protecting, protecting, helping etc. Therefore in the Soviet troops talk (and thoughts) that if that, then I the grenade together with them were normal, and here in England, for example, eulogized professionals. And in the war the professional is who? And is the one who passed the heaviest fight and remained live. To die - a task not cunning. And here to remain live under heavy fire is a sign of luck and professionalism (or inclinations of professionalism). Therefore if in the English troops someone began to speak about self-sacrifice, at once sent to the psychiatrist.

We will not estimate this fact, but we realize that the stoical patience in poverty is a sign of cultural inheritance, and still a heavy illness, but not heroism.

Poverty, poverty is a serious illness of spirit, and it is descended. Symptoms of an illness are known to us - chronic shortage of money. Is enough only for a survival, but it is no more.

The etiology is known to us too - problems in the head . And what, you directly - started treating these problems? Oh and you do not make laugh me.

People like to read, but do not like to do. They read moreover and shout that here the pier, wrote a little, and so well write, give supposedly write more. And I pound from their reading? You will offer them, give a pier, exercise it is feasible, we will complete a course, we will become successful, it is so so much everyones And suddenly arises, better and not to offer. To itself cheaper will leave. we Will look at

, the person was born in a poor family. He all life lived to the poor and accustomed the children to poverty, and he is proud that his parents so lived, he so lives, and children will live so. We, Ivanov, live in poverty, but is honest (or poor, but spiritual truly, talents national poverty justifying are boundless).

But he lies. Lies, the infection, everything, both children, and relatives, and itself, and does not redden at the same time droplets. And?! About what lies? So our Ivanov does not finish speaking that he does not want to live so that it is burdensome and it is dreary. He about it does not speak. Present that he would tell: I live in poverty, me badly, hungrily and it is a shame, but I am proud of how I live and therefore I want that my children so lived . You can present that the loving parents wished to the children such life? Present, a parental parting word: The Sonny (daughter), let your life will be even poorer than at us. Let at you health will refuse years in thirty, and your children will creep in dust and to ask a handout. If you become such, we will be proud of you! . Well, how to you, parting word?

And they also tell it when on a question of children The Father, mother, and why we have so few money? answer: So what! But we are honest. And they, these grabbers Their god will punish! . God will punish is already the appeal to final instance. To me directly sees how god sits and makes entries: Aha, Ivanov asked Smirnov to punish. For the fact that Smirnov to it sincere brought inconvenience the wealth Aha Let`s punish Ivanov that did not bear the malice to the neighbor . But it is honest. On - acceptable:-).

Our Ivanov lies that well is to him and to be repaid, is proud of the patience. We, Ivanov, patient But when the patience will burst (from myself I supplement: when bothers it, interestingly, to be poor? Never. He patient )

It so got used to suffer life that even it has no thought that life can enjoy. And when he somewhere hears about it, or reads, for him it as revelation: Life uaslazhdatsya I want!!! . But, after a while nature prevails, and he begins to suffer life again as though its existence is a torture and to endure it is a highest valor.

On me so the highest valor - to make the life a holiday, but is not present, there are correct people who correct me in my delusions and very seriously notice that Incorrectly it is life to enjoy. As it is possible to rejoice when, children in Africa starve and in general, it is necessary to be more simply, the companion, nobody rejoices around. Therefore you prevent us to suffer life. You the pleasure of sincere discompose us!

Kind people, at me are for you good idea which will help you to suffer the life even better (to be more patient to difficulties, which you to themselves stoically, that is as original martyrs, you create). You, only, should suffer until the end of life. And it some 60 years (more poor does not live. Their organism refuses to live in poverty). And what it 60 against centuries? Sparkle So, it is possible to suffer The death will come

A soon on the other hand Well, and why to suffer? Whether it is better right now to take yes to stop this bothered life? Most but not to shift this decision to shoulders of our lovely Death. Or and this decision too to accept there are no forces? Well. were lived:-).

Interesting fact. In Russia there is a service which researches opinions (the VCIOM is called). And so on their researches the biggest danger to safety of the country is a negative attitude of Russians to wealth, acceptance and a justification of poverty, and thinking of the poor person .

And there is no wonder. Realize, America is rich not because the president but because each person seeks to be rich is rich. As a result - the country is rich. You want to live in the rich country? And what you for this purpose do?

Control questions (in the head):

1. When, specifically, you will become the rich person?

2. How many, specifically, money at you will be (the sum which designates for you wealth)?

3. What you do to become the rich?

4. It is effective actions or efficiency illusion ?

5. What you do to adjust yourself on success?

6. On what number of years you made business - the plan of your life?


I assume No, I will tell so, I will dare to assume that practically all points for you are indistinct and similar to gray ghosts

which are quietly howling in gray fog Most likely, you have no answers to these questions. Is? I am surprised and glad to communicate with such successful person. Then to you couple more of questions:

- On how many percent from hundred, you are sure that at you everything will turn out?

- As far as you are sure of the confidence?

- And as far as the second answer is truthful?

Dear friend, let`s recognize honestly, we are so false in relation to ourselves and so well learned not to notice the shortcomings of course on this subject it is absolutely useless. And about what to speak, actually? You to me want to talk about success? Yes?! The young man and to you it will be known, I the most super - a duper professor and the candidate fizldoyvadlodlyvao sciences. What can you tell me?! And poor I because the salary is not paid in time. In total. Good-bye, young man .

Option 4. To take and increase the income.

U Directly - to take yes to increase? Yes it is not honest, to be rich when so many people live in misery . At . What you speak about, Gena? A gene - you are not right.

This very dangerous delusion to adapt to the people who do not have money. Why not to equal on the first? Then the phrase will sound somehow so: Wrong it to be poor when around there are so much people of the rich. I what, it is worse than them? . And if you consider that you are worse than them, then it is necessary to work with a self-assessment, exclusively.

But more often people in words agree. That is, you say to them that here a pier as it is good to be the successful person, they nod a head, in eyes understanding, and in a pocket a fig. No, perhaps you are right, and I, in words, will agree with you, but in practice In practice I will prove you who is right. Here I will take, and to spite of you I will remain poor. Let to you it will be worse! And all your this talk, that it is necessary to adjust itself on success I DO NOT TRUST!!! I trust nobody!!! And I do not trust myself too!!! All me, poor, is wanted to be deceived .

Here it is approximately so possible to express thoughts national that is, thoughts which are heavy thought in the head of rather most part of readers.

I do not trust! And it is total.

And do not trust, on health. Here only you will have no health soon. The uncle with a knife will come, Chick, and is not present fingers. And in a year there is no leg and so on, and so forth. But the uncle will not come, so the organism your, poor which you torment so many years, to you will blurt out something if it did not blurt out any more. And what we will do? To grow rich. That else.