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Real unreality or whether it is possible to become the rich? You when beggars on streets meet

, at you in soul something moves though? The desire to help them arises? Money or something else you give? Is not present? Well, you directly - heartless some person! You give them money? Da Va, that?! Oh, oh, oh! You absolutely incorrectly do. Once again read this phrase: INCORRECTLY you do and that is why.

To feel pity, it is necessary to get into a skin this poor or that to whom we feel pity. It is necessary directly - according to Stanislavsky in a role to enter all the being, at least for a moment.

You present yourself in old age it here to beggars, and pity at you in soul moves, and you give a money. So to whom you give a money? To. You yourself do to beggars in the future already now. Not the fact, of course, that you it will become, but prerequisites for this purpose everything is. Why?

But because images our internal are valid creations. What it is more often thought of, occurs. And if we think with emotions, then the option of the fact that it will occur, increases many times over. As it with emotions ? And here you were associated with the beggar, felt pity, it also is to think with emotions and your subconsciousness received team It is necessary to aspire " here;. And to it, subconsciousness, all the same where to strive that for glory that to poverty - all the same, and it aspires. And you then to it other team - I want to be to the rich. Also all this faces in you in a contradiction. If subconsciousness could, it would get out, would punch a table and would declare: Da understand you, at last, what you want! . (Now you understand why I work with imagination very much? For the sake of you I try ) with

And so, the beggar to sympathize, that is, to get into their role, it is not necessary. Dangerously it for your future. And here observing the person rich, successful and happy (it is good, when all this in one person) to rejoice and mentally it is worth leading his life. What for? That subconsciousness knew that that`s it it you want, but not something another. The more often you get used to an image of the rich person, the better subconsciousness knows what you are eager for. You want to be the rich person?

To what I everything tell it? And to the fact that the situation at the beginning of this article, at first sight, can be and awful, but it is worth being associated with it. For what? And the motivation is good that to begin to improve life.

That is interesting at most of people, so is that the successful future does not motivate them. That I got up from a sofa and began to make money?! Da Va, that nonsenses - you fence that. What money when such sofa can be?! . And here if to take them also a finger both to cut off moreover and to promise to come and still to cut off, then at once it becomes boring for a sofa. Nobody on it lies, argues on life. The person rushes somewhere, makes money. The friend " Was gone; - the sofa plaintively sighs.

But it is only one option of actions. It, perhaps, the most unusual, and here, please, something more standard:

Option 1. to Run away there where nobody will find.

But as these people are almighty, will find everywhere and for prevention with you will make something bad. Will try, for example.

It from himself it is possible to run away, to the illusions that at you everything is good that many people also do, find a number of that at whom it is even worse, and speak: Well people live worse so at me even more less .

Option 2. In the end of the year to try to explain why at you nothing turned out, in hope that you will be understood and forgiven.

You will be understood. Also will forgive. Also will cut off pair of fingers. Because year the first. Next year prepare a leg.

It we can explain ourselves the failure reason, and these people do not want to understand anything. They believe in you, and plaintive groans do not scold them.

Option 3. to Live stoically, that is, not to pay attention to all these problems. You will think, a finger it is interesting to

how many your relatives should be spoiled that you at last got it together and began to realize the fourth option (about it further)?

And lack of money at you is a real physical damage. When you cannot normally eat, have a rest where it is possible to have a rest and when your children grow in poverty, you spoil yourself with own hands. So benefactors ours, in principle, do nothing from this that with yourself would not be done by you. Only they do it so obviously that it should be noticed. A finger - that va - va

Option 4. to Increase the income.

Option 5. If you think up something else, write. To you will chop off pair of fingers out of turn.

Why and what for? And that from success did not run.

Well and, after all these theoretical reasonings what you will tell? What option you will choose? Even more precisely, notice to what option pulled you still until how mind joined and began to help reasonings?