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Whether beauty is the key to success?

Occur opinion: if the person beautiful, means - silly and vice versa. Interestingly, and what beauty can be the key to success? Whether it is possible to divide mind and beauty? For a start, I want to define what is beauty? Notorious 906090? Or blond hair and clear eyes? I do not argue, at everyone the standard of beauty.

The IQ level as well as external appeal, is shown in everyone individually. Often something dark is behind a beautiful cover and empty. Whether it is possible to call such person - beautiful?! Beauty is a category not only external, but, first of all internal. As there is heat and light-even from externally cold person! And it is unpleasant from spot of sunlight with a superficial glance on the world and people around. Therefore true beauty: beauty external + beauty internal ! Beauty, really, can serve in such understanding as the key to success. And the beautiful face and a delightful figure cannot compete with internally beautiful and rich world in any way.

It is possible to argue with it. And how models? Their success just in appearance. But how it is long? Career of models very much early comes to an end and if this person behind a beautiful cover has nothing, then there is no development of the success also. How many in the world of models - beauties! And how many from them achieved something in life? Much less. And how sometimes tragicly there is a destiny at entertainment stars or cinema? What to do to them if suddenly there are no roles, there are no hits, and more are able nothing and not known... There is an alcohol, drugs... money is in the habit to come to an end, and there is only pain and emptiness. Is, of course, among them and very successful which, despite everything, try to obtain in life of all is wanted. But not because beautiful, but because clever and quick.

Silly the person cannot be at all because the person - a being reasonable. I do not speak about people with the congenital or acquired deviations in mentality. The mind needs to be developed, perfected. And often many have a laziness, unwillingness to work on itself. But I know that each person has the success - in work, in a family, in sport... To be successful - means to be happy, means to manage to realize itself in life. And when forces in one activity will run low, to manage to be reoriented to other or similar sphere.

There is also a medal back. Let`s present a situation: two girls, with approximate I.Q., experience, education come to get a job. Who will be chosen? One - externally attractive, another - ordinary. Besides some kind of - the idler. Over appearance as well as over mind, it is necessary to work.

In a business environment you have to conform to certain standards, even not so much to standards of this or that company, how many rules of etiquette. But at the same time it is necessary to look for the style and to correspond to the inner beautiful and bright world. And if you main for all the subordinates, you have to set an example to all of them!

We will remember Katya Pushkareva! Even she found forces to change to be in harmony with itself. Internally beautiful person, kind, clever, good frightens off the unsightly, clumsy appearance. And having put the inner and outside world on one level - achieved everything that wanted: both pits, and darling. You, can tell, it only the cinema, so does not happen. Of course, there a little everything is exaggerated, but on most - that business, remember when nothing is impossible to you - both the tram escaped, and the chief suited a scolding, and in general weather - foolish (though on the street the sun)? More often when in the morning, standing in front of the mirror, saw for some reason not that wanted... All - day is spoiled. And when you in harmony with yourself - everything for some reason turn out.

Therefore it is necessary to learn to create harmony with himself, to correspond externally to the intelligence and internally - the appeal. And then, your beauty and success - will be steps fortunately . Be beautiful, and the success will be for you!