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How to decipher man`s whistle?

Well, in - the first, should be explained that rare individual (or the person?) female following did not whistle. And though naturalists noticed long ago that on whistle cobras respond generally and dogs - men try to expand this list from time to time. They whistle quietly and loudly, is melodious and is shrill, publicly and intimately - here already everything depends on a situation, quantity of wind in subcranial space and an individual structure of the svistatelny device.

Each girl since a sandbox knows: whistles - the hooligan and the rude fellow means. With it she grows up, is made out in the pretty girl (couple more of awful indisputable truth increase there) and, being already a woman, hurries to give all saved-up immutable precepts of the daughter (the niece, the granddaughter, the daughter-in-law).

Badly the fact that there is no systemacity in this knowledge. It is possible therefore in me leaped strangled sistematik and though some ordering I tried to bring.

So, main types of whistle (my classification):

Abstract whistle is that whistle which is published by the man when the nozyashchy melody became attached and in the head this blue moron Kreyzi Frog with his ridiculous sexual characters wriggles. Besides, abstract whistle arises and when in the male head it is good, spacious and is pure, as in the morning city.

The most interesting that the woman (who is meeting halfway, passed by, passing near, wandering about office) - it does not concern in any way.

Also approximately following means this whistle: What wonderful day, what wonderful stub. What wonderful I And why the girl jumped aside? .

Delighted whistle - this sound it is difficult for i to confuse

with something. It treats directly object and is followed surprised, a little changed a form, by eyes. Whistle is not aggressive even if the man smells Holsten also moves, hopping. It indeed is delighted by you.

What he tries to transfer? Well, matter of course: Ah, what woman! To me such Only What there is with it, beautiful such, to do - that ? .

Zazyvny / invocatory whistle - here, unlike the previous case, everything is thought over. To the woman with obviously occupied the person it is not necessary to hear such whistle, most likely. Whistles of this sort are followed, as a rule, beaten turned sour - to pussycats and the offers of further leisure which are badly issued in the text.

The appeal carries an element of aggression which or masks strong I rub, or a despair.

It is read as: I know precisely, impossible - it is possible! And on spring so there is a wish for intim!!! . the Warning whistle - in decent society cannot be specified by

flaws of a toilet, a make-up or education. And in general, on etiquette, a heap of conventions how to tell the lady that it has on a bottom a thread It is even more difficult to let it know that at it, sorry, the fly is undone No, it is possible to tap, of course, on the shoulder and, rzhaknuv, to throw: Begin to smell Kalitochka! - but maybe, all - carefully to whistle? Such whistle carries absolutely address shade and is followed by the eyeballs which are eloquently moving in the direction of a disorder.

It would be expressed so in words: I see Nothing, I hear nothing, I will tell nothing to nobody! And - that wrap up a kalitochka . .

the Condemning whistle - it for some reason is attributed to hooligans. But if women were able to whistle also tolerably, as well as men, then, looking on provocatively the nymphet licking ice cream at a stop, would whistle continuously. Men in this plan are much more loyal. Not all that it seems to us ugly and vulgar, they also consider as that, but express the opinion besides as are able. Also do not allow you to hear God in the catching-up whistle man`s condemnation. This the highest fe! which is available to their rich nonverbal communication.

Its value? M - m You both not made up terrible and made up Both with a show off, and without them Just accept to data!

As a result, I suggest to overturn such habitual postulate lovely to female heart that except Neanderthal manners these wild men have nothing else . Moreover (now I will encroach on sacred ) - I suggest to listen attentively. Well, in whistle. And if there are experts - ornithologists who determine by a trill, than the bullfinch and a lack of a hempy seed of a canary organism was ill - than we it is worse?

The delightful man`s shyness is, of course, the terrible obstacle for full communication, but if it whistles means, it is necessary for somebody? Means, he tried? So let it will be courageous in this attempt!