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How it is correct to drink coffee?

Try to understand variety of the feelings caused by a coffee cup. Become the taster for yourself. Process of tasting is very subjective. So why you have to trust the foreign taster, but not yourself?

Taste of coffee is a general impression from its aroma, presence of sourness and a consistence (density). Aroma of coffee - it is clear. Inhale a coffee smell, and you feel a set of shades: spicy, caramel, flower, chocolate There are tens more of similar terms.

And here sourness - quite confused term. Sourness is not sour taste, and the fact that gives the coffee refreshing, the invigorating fruit or wine smack.

The consistence is how coffee touches your language. It feelings of aquosity or oiliness, peculiar density of drink.

Density of coffee is defined by contents in drink of coffee oils. It depends on an origin of grains and on a way of preparation. For example, coffee from Latin America differs on a consistence from coffee from Indonesia.

Recent researches showed that features of coffee taste are in many respects caused by activity of the fungi developing in coffee grains. Research of activity of these fungi will help with creation of different grades of coffee with unusual tastes just as receive wines or cheese.

Fortress of coffee is not the level of contents in it of caffeine, but a drink saturation this or that flavoring shade. Contrary to it weak coffee is a coffee with harmonious, gentle taste.

Coffee helps to fight against a dream at work, but most of people are not able to drink it correctly.

Strong black coffee is poured in small porcelain cups from thin porcelain. Coffee with milk can be poured in tea cups. Kappuchino drink from thick faience cups of 150 milliliters.

Coffee orientally do not mix, otherwise from a bottom the deposit will rise. Therefore coffee in Turkish in general can be served without spoon. Sugar in it or is put in advance, or at all not put. Unless a little salts.

Do not recommend to drink coffee next the heart as it can cause heartburn, and subsequently - stomach ulcer.

Many like to drink coffee, washing down it with cold water. Water shades taste and aroma of coffee and the toning effect of coffee is shown stronger. But skilled coffee-achievers recommend to drink a water drink in the beginning, and then to be accepted to coffee, so its taste is felt fuller, and aftertaste remains for a long time.

Which - who even recommends to drink the whole glass of water before the use of coffee to wash out flavoring receptors of language and to help to perceive adequately taste of coffee, but I treat this recommendation with mistrust. To finish a coffee ceremony too advise an espresso drink.

In the east it is accepted to drink coffee with addition of spices: carnations, cardamom, ginger.

Coffee perfectly combine with cognac, liqueur and many other hard alcoholic drinks, the main thing that they were quality too. They can be added to coffee, or to drink separately.

To coffee serve cakes, cakes, biscuits. Often offer a lemon.

Coffee give hot. It is necessary to drink it slowly, savouring gradually, enjoying its taste and aroma, but not forgetting that it can cool down. You should not warm up the cooled-down coffee. It is not coffee any more. It is better to drink the coffee cooled in the refrigerator.

The American scientists consider that those who drink since morning on some cups of coffee at once do not reach optimum effect as eventually caffeine level in a brain decreases, and the person begins to test drowsiness. It is better to drink coffee in the small portions, but during the whole day with an interval approximately in an hour.