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How to sweeten spring troubles? As all know

, in the spring we suffer from shortage of vitamins. Most often it is expressed in sharp differences of mood when unjustified excitement is replaced by so unjustified depression. And worst of all the fact that at this time chronic diseases, such as rheumatism, stomach ulcer become aggravated. And to catch usual cold easy as a pie - immunity after winter solitary life is strongly weakened.

By what to support itself? Naturally, fruit, vegetables and juice, freshly squeezed from them. But all the matter is that after long winter storage of vitamins B vegetables and fruit becomes a little.

It is possible to support itself by synthetic vitamin preparations, of course. But it is boring to swallow of a dragee and tablets, it is not enough pleasure.

Therefore I recommend to support myself by tasty, useful and high-calorie mix. Be not afraid, to you from it not to recover, eat it enough no more than 3 - 4 tablespoons a day. Besides, such mix even reduces appetite a little.

Prepare mix so: crush dried apricots, the cleared nuts and lemons. You can pass them via the meat grinder, but I think, you should not do it as from contact with metal vitamin C and some other vitamins, collapse.

Add honey to the crushed components. If a hard work, sports competitions or examinations are coming you, you can add dark chocolate to mix.

Similar mix, without chocolate, but with addition of raisin and a fig is recommended for prevention of oncological diseases.

All components should be taken approximately in equal quantities, but with calculation that you use mix in the same day. Tomorrow it is better to prepare fresh mix.

Mix is extremely vitamin-rich also minerals.

The dried apricots is rather poor in vitamins, but contains a significant amount of salts of potassium and magnesium that well influences work of heart, promotes decrease in hypostases, treatment of a hypertensive illness and alimentary forms of an anemia.

The nut is rich with vitamin E. And in almonds it is in the form which is most easily acquired by an organism. Except vitamin E nuts provide an organism with iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc. Besides, in almonds the squirrel is a lot of, monononsaturated fat, dietary fibers. All this helps to reduce the " level; bad cholesterol and to reduce risk of heart diseases.

A lemon - the real warehouse of vitamins, in particular, vitamin C. It fine strengthens immune system. The lemon is so useful that it is difficult to list all cases where it is nearly panacea. It is easier to write, likely, about harm of a lemon, than about its advantage.

Honey contains more than 30 minerals necessary for the person. It normalizes acidity of gastric juice, promotes prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases, diseases of bodies zheludochno - an intestinal path, to treatment of acne rash. After big physical activities honey as any other product, quickly restores forces.

Chocolate (but only surely black, but not a sweet tile) will add to you cheerfulness and will improve mood. The magnesium which is contained in it promotes memory improvement, increases resistance to stresses and strengthens immunity. It promotes production of women`s hormones and wakes up erotic feelings at women.

Rassasyvayte mix as candy. The longer you take it in a mouth, the it will render bigger effect. Contraindication to use of curative mix is the individual intolerance of its components.