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How to achieve execution of desire, or On the way to new life of

Desire - yet do not aim but only an occasion to set the object. Most of people are not able to work with the purposes.

The purpose differs from desire in two basic moments.

In - the first, the desire does not oblige to anything you. And the purpose is what you took absolute responsibility for. Would you like to learn a foreign language, to find other work or to achieve concrete success in business. So far you are not ready to tell: It depends only on me you are at a dream stage.

The second difference consists that the purpose has the concrete formulation. For example: By May 1, in two months of work I want to reach 3 levels of career and to go (at the expense of the company) to a seminar of heads 19. 05. 2007 This formulation needs to be written down. The purposes which are written down are realized much more effectively, than those which just in memory. Print or write it largely, and nearby paste the picture taken at the main seminar, the photo surely has to be pleasant to you. Hang up it over the computer or on the refrigerator at home (allow house to joke on you, do not take offense at their reaction, and all will lag behind you soon).

Problem or opportunity?

the saying Is: who wants, that looks for opportunities; who does not want, that looks for justifications. Efficiency is measured in achievement of the objectives by the end result, but not spent efforts, talk and justifications why you could not make it.

is Very important in what context you look at the purpose - as on a problem or as on an opportunity. It is the initial prerequisite! And it influences that result which you receive as a result. The facts - anything. Your relation to the facts - all. Any fact is not awful or fine without your assessment. Life not such what it is, and such what it is seen by you.

If you see the purpose as a problem, then in all the actions you will recognize from the fact that it is a problem. To you it will be heavy, the reluctance and is a pity for itself. If you look at the same as on an inspiring opportunity, it will be easy and interesting to you, you will have forces and desires.

Not to get off, I have a plan!

Having formulated your purpose, make the plan of its achievement. The plan is formed for all term, up to realization of your purpose. Write the list of your actions which you will make that your purpose was carried out.

For example: make the list on 100 people of the clients, define five reasons on the basis of which they (for each client separately) will issue the contract, make an appointment, lead discussion on a lifeline of the client, ask necessary questions and wait on them for the answer, determine contract value, fill in documents and receive payment. Define what help is necessary to you from the head and that you need to study in addition. Specify what never you will do, under no circumstances. Write that you will undertake in case of temptations and habitual excuses, you already know all the weaknesses. specify by

Opposite to each point of the plan accurate terms. Every day do something.

Intention initially, circumstances are secondary. It distinguishes successful people from what have some problems eternally.

Live now!

After you wrote down your purpose and made the plan, ask yourself three questions.

When my objectives will be achieved:

- As I will feel?

- What I will do?

- As in general will change my life? we Will assume

, you answered so:

- I am sure also cheerful.

- I will do favorite thing.

- I will communicate more with interesting people. all this begin to do

I already now without waiting until you become another . Begin to radiate pleasure and confidence, communicate. Do not put off the life, the next month or year. Life - it always today.