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How effectively to bake usual pork on stones?

All of us want a variety in food, especially hard happens to please men!

And there comes the moment when a holiday table with invariable " salad; " Russian salad; and already also does not please with a jellied fish. There is a wish for something brand new and unusual, and to exercise the wit here - laziness. It is familiar to you?

Then willingly I will share with you idea which to me somehow was thrown by mother. However, I do not exclude that you use a similar way for a long time.

Besides, all very quickly and with little effort!

It is required to you:

- several portions of pork on stones (depending on a number of people);

- the tinned pineapples in bank cut by ringlets;

- various seasonings, salt;

- mayonnaise.

Take pork, salt, add a little seasoning for a pork / curry, pepper, garlic (all with what you usually cook meat), from above apply a thin film of mayonnaise and crumble dry greens. Then leave to be concerned in an oven for 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes get meat and put the pineapple ringlet cut in half on each piece put back before full preparation (even minutes 15 - 20).

That`s all, your hot is ready!

Pineapple will impact to meat unique relish and juiciness, and on a table banal pork will look originally and adequately.

And, if the speech came about pineapple, I will share one more idea connected with this exotic fruit, it is more than oformitelny, than culinary character.

Take pineapple, wash and accurately cut off a top.

Now, using all the skill, completely cut out a middle core from pineapple.

If you do not manage it in any way then cut pineapple in half, make in each half deepening on all length, having cut out a core, then put halves together, tie up a bright ribbon, and insert a long candle of average thickness into the turned-out opening and light it.

The turned-out composition can be put on a plate with a beautiful napkin or, for example, on a big dish with strawberry, here already as will prompt your imagination.

Pineapple with a candle will give to a dinner a romantic shade and will serve as a dessert excellent!

Bon appetit!