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How not to be deceived at virtual acquaintance?

Today acquaintances on the Internet - a commonplace. They have indisputable advantage: you can recognize the person before you begin to meet him. But the same anonymity generates also the main problem: how to be saved from possible deception? When my life turned into the novel with the monitor, I decided to carry out monitoring among a virtual man`s half to find as much as possible ways not to be deceived . Here only some of them are brought, but - really acting:

1. As a rule, the deceiver probes the soil, checking whether you are capable to buy his promises. The potential knight in an armor answers all questions in the affirmative and inspires trust, admiring fragility, feminity and beauty of the interlocutor which takes couple of romantic phrases for a fidelity vow to a coffin then suddenly completely disappears as soon as similar game in Prinze will bore.

Therefore: does not need to finish thinking for it! It is better to ask again once again that he meant. Making a mountain out of a molehill, many women absolutely feel the ground slipping away from under the feet at such moments and cease to perceive valid adequately.

2. , as they say, to own a situation, it is better to ask more the interlocutor, than to tell about itself. Thus, it will be able " less; to get from you information, having used it in right moment . Of course, is not present in the world of a subject more noteworthy, than you are! Therefore, and you will consider him as the most worthy applicant if it does not begin to load you stories about itself(himself). However it is a favorite method of virtual liars!

Therefore: do not forget to ask questions and to attentively read answers. If it gets off with general phrases - it is an alarm signal

3. your heart misses a bit when you read that there was no which could understand and fall in love with it. Yes, it is possible, you will be able to become his one and only, real woman of his dream. But is much more true that just having complex loser who never made efforts normally to speak to people around is behind similar statements.

There is also other party of such approach - many deceivers use a psychological method of manifestation of the weakness in order that in the woman maternal instincts of guardianship and care of the little man of the dream leaped. However it is too only a method which allows to gain the girl capable to compassion and understanding.

Therefore: As soon as in response to your questions of its interests, plans, occupations, hobbies appears more than two nobody understands me it is all the same it is necessary for nobody safely erase it from the notebook.

4. You noticed suddenly that all his letters are sent to working hours What is the matter? there is nothing to be engaged on service? There is no house the Internet? Or there behind it the jealous wife looks? It is necessary to find out at once this situation that there were no further problems.

Therefore: Agree with it to chat in the evening, having referred to a lack of time to communicate virtually in working hours. If you are really interesting to it, it will find not only an evening for you, but also an opportunity to go on-line. If he refused this offer more than two times, curtail the serious intentions - most likely, virtually walking spouse got to you.

5. Never seek to enter into an active correspondence to owners of thin questionnaires what signs they would not pay attention to you. In detail completed questionnaire - the first sign of gravity of her bearer. Admissions and dots suggest an idea of dishonesty or reserve - both that, and another not for you because it appears only waste of time and forces.

Therefore: Choose only full questionnaires with real photos. And than more photos - subjects to see a high probability in real of that with whom you correspond.

And the most important council will - get out of a virtual web as soon as possible. Even madly long romantic lines will not replace warm and live intonation of a voice by phone, for example, which can tell a lot of things about the interlocutor too! Having spoken few times by phone, it is possible to risk at last, and to meet - a meeting face to face will show, who is who and what intentions were pursued by your interlocutor.

My meeting with the spouse took place thus: having exchanged phone numbers in the only message, we phoned, next day met and did not leave any more!

Therefore: Communicate, meet, fall in love and be vigilant, in the world there is a lot of deception and so poorly true virtues!...