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How to paint Easter eggs?

I consider the testicles presented to me. Here crystal - gold, through it - all magic. Here - with the stretching fat worm: it has a black head, black eyes - beads and a uvula from scarlet sukonets. With tell-tales, with ducks, carved - bone... And here, porcelain - the father. A wonderful panoramka in it... Behind pink and blue florets of an immortelle and a move, behind a fragment of glass in a gold rim the picture seems in depth: snow-white Christ with a banner revived from the Coffin. The nurse told me that if to look for a fragment of glass, long - long, you will see the living angel. Tired of strict days, from bright fires and rings, I peer for a fragment of glass. Mreet in my opinion - also seems to me, in flowers, - live, neizjyasnimo - joyful, sacred... God?. Not to express in words. I press a small egg to a breast - and the lulling ringing swings me in a dream .

(Ivan Shmelyov).

Easter - a holiday of the Easter Sunday - the central event in spiritual life of Christians celebrated with huge awe, a celebration and pleasure. This year it will be possible to celebrate Easter and to lay a holiday Easter table on April 8.

On the Maundy Thursday begin preparation of the Easter table. Prepare Easter, bake Easter cakes, women, pancakes, honey gingerbreads. Begin to paint and paint eggs.

Here several ways of coloring of Easter eggs:

1. Traditional - by means of an onions peel. Color depends on concentration of broth. It is necessary to prepare broth from an onions peel and to allow it to be drawn. That color was more saturated, a peel it is necessary to take more and to cook it about half an hour before in broth lower eggs.

2. Put eggs in a pan, fill in them with water. Add a vinegar teaspoon. You boil eggs of 15 minutes with natural additives - beet or bilberry, oranges or carrots, leaves of spinach or a nettle.

If after coloring to put eggs in the same broth on all night long in the refrigerator, then coloring will be brighter.

3. The washed-up and dried up eggs to tie with the bright color painting threads. Then to put in a pan, to fill in with cold water and to cook 15 - 20 minutes. After that to remove threads and to add gloss by means of sunflower oil.

4. We take a special wire of small diameter - pisachok we lower in the kindled wax and thin lines we carry out drawing on an egg surface. And then we lower it in dye. Painted thus, eggs are painted in the places which are not touched by wax. It is possible to paste the various jewelry made of a gold or silver foil.

5. For decoration of egg very interesting equipment is beads. It is necessary to take a paraffin candle (and it is better to collect any remains of candles), to kindle in some flat dish and several times to dunk egg into it so that on it there were several layers of paraffin. Further the burning candle, tweezers and beads and your imagination is required. You take tweezers a biserinka, in 2 - 3 seconds you heat it on fire and - you paste on egg. The imagination will prompt you various patterns. It is possible to take the beads which are previously strung on a thread, or collected in figured chains.

6. Well and of course we do not forget that now on sale a set of the various dyes which are specially intended for coloring of Easter eggs.