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Whether the classics is necessary to modern school students? (Questions without answers) we Will try to remove

towards emotion. And for a start we learn opinion of school students. And not some ordinary comprehensive school, but rather prestigious, for exceptional children. Resolve, I will comment on this opinion, without telling, however, the concrete names and surnames. It is unlikely I will place all points in the matter. More likely, questions will appear even more. But who never asks, that never receives the answer?

Great Shestokovich?

As a matter of fact, the classics is fine, natural, - one writes 10 - the grader. - Recently there was a drawing room devoted to Shestokovich`s music. At us at school very few people listen to music classical, without speaking about Shestokovich any more. I also do not know accurate definition what is classics. But I know that it represents - whether should continuing to be quoted? The most sad that surname of the composer SHOSTAKOVICH

Untsa - unets instead of Bach?

I do not know the person who in a playlist would have at least one classical work in the immediate environment. It, of course, very sadly, but nothing can be done with it because the principles exchanged, in general moral foundations of society, there passed many years, and I consider that the classics is not actual now. Why to go on a concert of classical music when it is possible descends in club, it is simple to potusit with friends?. - all this sounds approximately the same as why to soil hands with beet when there is a gas station for borsch in a convenient bag . That you, the lovely girl, compare incomparable things! Nobody tries to replace campaigns with a disco with Bach`s listening. Different music serves the different purposes. It is good! But to agree with your statement that even those who listen to classics speak to nobody about it because all from this person will stupidly shout... , I`m sorry, I cannot. The laughter about it characterizes, first of all, the one who laughs. Or not so?

Whether and classics it?

Unless music of Nirvana cannot be considered as classics? There are all components: albums were sold in million copies, they are known for the whole world, and Curt died at all! - I think, it is possible to agree with such statement of a question. I was not even too lazy to consult a dictionary of Ojegov not to be unfounded: The Classic - the outstanding, exemplary, conventional progressive scientist, arts, literatures . As there is Cobain! Outstanding? More than! Exemplary and progressive? Well, anyway, and grunge - its child. Conventional? Try do not recognize! Here also we say that Nirvana - classics of grunge. Only ardent fans of Cobain (Lennon, Kabalye or Kadysheva) rejecting all other music (even not important, classics it or not), - look deafs and blind people. I will not understand why consciously to narrow the outlook and to claim that in the world there is only one color (black, white, violet), and to lose millions of shades!

It is necessary to me? To think harmfully!

Classics is we got what from our ingenious ancestors who wanted to give us the knowledge about the world and society. In each classical work, be it musical or literary, a certain special sense is put... - in my opinion, in these words the huge grain of truth is. In particular, as for there is nobody special sense . Of course, there is not always a mood to get to the bottom of it: fatigue, problems, just there is a wish to have a rest, relax and not to think of anything. But not to think of anything - addiction. Nobody told that he will easily read between lines, to hear between notes and to feel almost inaudible rushes of soul in a play of light and shadow. Simply it is other level of esthetic pleasure, above habitual it is pleasant - it is not pleasant . So, not to everyone in power to reach it? Think, solve the teacher Is guilty


I do not know as you, and I at the word classics at once I remember Bach and Beethoven`s works, our school, a form with notorious blue jackets moreover Pushkina with Lermontov. At my generation all above-mentioned is associated with incredible boredom and the word it is necessary . It is not pleasant, and it is NECESSARY. It is necessary to learn verses, to walk in a jacket, to love and respect the ancient and covered with dust composers. And whether it is correct? - of course, incorrectly! All that is spread by force, causes absolutely natural protest. I remember how at school we studied unfortunate Tale of Igor`s Campaign also it is aware of the Ukrainian literature, and it is aware of the Russian. But the children`s brains very few people realized in what, actually, all salt. Enlightenment to me came on occupations at university. Lectures of the teacher were such fascinating, work understood by the word, the sense of each letter became clear! And even pride woke up for us, so ingenious Slavs!. And you speak, with dust it is covered

About! I expect a malicious question to me personally! And whether there is in my playlist a classics? No. Whether I listen to it regularly? No. And poorly I understand its subtleties! Itself I love old kind fate, and it is a little more pop-music and jazz. But, if there is an opportunity to descend on a concert in philharmonic hall, I try not to miss it. And it is not fashion, not in stereotypes, not in the far-fetched principles. Why - that is such sincere requirement. But, nevertheless, the one who says that the classics requires special mood is right. The house will not be the necessary effect of this music whatever was the audio system. It is music live tools.

Offensively only happens when the leader asks the hall to switch-off mobile phones. And is even more offensive if all - some fashionable ring - tone rushes into consciousness just while the soul shy begins to reveal for fine, reasonable, eternal