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How to learn to understand the darlings, or Five languages of love

It is no secret that people speak different languages. However not all know that exist also different love languages . Them, according to the American psychologist A. Chempen, only five. Sooner or later the veil of love falls down from eyes, feelings cool down, shortcomings second half become more than noticeable. Comes it is time to work that finally did not die away (I will not be afraid of these words) love fire . The main thing - to understand on what of five languages your loved one speaks and to study it!

Are auditory not only women the First language A. Chempen calls by

words of encouragement . It can be encouragements, praises, compliments: You at me such beautiful! Thanks for a dinner! It was so tasty! Intonations are Very important. And still. It is not necessary to flatter! You tell the truth, your elect for certain has many merits. And if you criticize, then the criticism should not be rigid. The person who understands language of words of encouragement it can not just offend, and even to kill if he apprehends it as a signal that its is not loved !

Be with me, be near me always you!.

you can extol as much as necessary the half but if, in her opinion, you find for it not enough time, so its language of love - time language . The person feels happy and darling if with him spend time : go to the cinema, walk, go at the weekend to the country, maybe, just watch together TV or talk on universal subjects. By the way, about conversation. It is enough to distract at least for several minutes from the affairs and to talk with each other. You not just give the precious time - you speak: I love you! .

My best present is you!

Many perceive gifts as the " attributes; konfetno - buketny period. But now, when the object is won it is possible to relax and dry brains the choice of gifts only on the eve of New year and Birthday. Besides, it is considered that to bring gifts from time to time - a sacred duty of men. Ah! And here stereotypes! Of course, if your darling, first of all, is interested in the gift price, then hardly here it is possible to speak about the third language of love. Most likely, in this case in general about any love the speech does not go. But if (or perhaps to it) the gift , whether it be a bouquet of autumn leaves or a paper card is expensive to it if she (he) carefully stores everything that you once gave, then Guessed about what I? The gift is a materialization of your feelings. Remember it! Give love!

If you love - help me

Can pay compliments, to shower golden shower and it is devoted to look 24 hours a day in the face, but darling will not believe that he is loved. Why? We perceived as due hot breakfasts, the starched collars, daily mopping And it was demonstration of the fact that we are loved! It would be advisable to wash also at least to us the dishes, without reminders to clean blockages on a desktop and to walk with a dog, from us wait for recognitions on help language .

Give though for a neck to take! Look at

on lovers: they constantly hold hands, use any opportunity just to touch the friend the friend, without speaking about embraces and kisses. It is peculiar to much, but some each touch of darling expensively especially, it as nothing else demonstrates that they are loved. Those from us whom parents often kept in the childhood on hands kissed on tops and noses, perhaps, today speak on language of touches . If need to perceive object of the love for your half is the strongest than others that Do not shirk then fleeting embraces, do not call them sloppy sentimentality you remember that it can wound too painfully.

Understand me!

Offense - I am not loved - she is familiar almost to each of us. We take offense at close people, or perhaps simply we do not see that they try to reach us in other language. Of course, if we appreciate the relations, then, I think, studying of language on which the person dear to us speaks will not become an insuperable problem. Perhaps, it is necessary to behave a little not as we got used, but the true love also consists in that to make well to another, but not to think only of the comfort The main thing, we will be heard, and the person feeling as darling will seek to make everything that we also felt!