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What is subculture Emo ?

Sometimes in transport or on the street it is possible to see the curious young people who are peculiar dressed, speaking about different unclear things. Here quite recently such conversation of two young girls is caught by me: I bought a badge, but only there was not simple, but the emo kid, but I took it too! .

Here it became terribly interesting to me that such it EMO ? Very much there was a wish to become advanced . Gathering mysterious EMO CULTURE on the Internet, I received the mass of references. Visiting various websites and forums which a huge variety was found, I made interesting discovery. Color scales and style were approximately identical. So. Means, this current has the characteristic distinctive features.

We will try to reveal them:

1. Current in itself a little brutal. It is visible at once - on nicknames of participants of a forum, according to the pictures uploaded to the website and registration of blogs. All drops of blood, piercing, an eternal subject of death and other small pleasures of youth are presented in full here.

2. All counters . Children`s and naive details of type pink zakolochek and teddy bears. Especially sharp contrast together with point 1!

3. There are characteristic bands. which carry themselves to emo - culture. And music - it is rather a punk, the punk - fate, but there are also exceptions (for example, more melodious options or a delicacy in ethnostyle). The groups recommended for listening: My Chemical Romance, From First to Last, Yage, From Autumn to Ashes, Billy Talent, At the Drive - in, Cable Car Theory, Cursive, Dead Pop Club, Jimmy Eat World, the Mars Volta, The Used, Matchbook Romance, Thursday, Finch, No Knife, Get Up Kids....

And here the description of how the real representative of emo has to look:

How emos look? Thin, high teenagers with a hard, straight, black hair (the fragmentary bang closing a half of the face, behind hair stick out in different directions), at girls are possible children`s, ridiculous hairdresses - two small tails, bright zakolochka - hearts on each side, especially lovely it looks in combination with chubby sponges and big naive eyes.

Both boys, and girls can make up lips under skin color, use light foundation, the face looks a pale, bright spot eye shadow which is densely used black looks. Eyes - a window to the soul. Soul - emotions.

Tight jeans, it is possible with holes or patches, a proklepanny belt with a chain, and maybe pink with hello kitty or powergirls. The fitting t-shirts with ridiculous children`s drawings (Mickey - a mouse, a sponge Bob), emos, black with names, - groups, with the crossed guns (a classical inscription: bang - bang) or with the hearts which are broken off to pieces on a breast. Standing gym shoes or vensa, on hands multi-colored bracelets, are especially popular snepa, on a neck a large bright beads or the white pearls borrowed from the grandmother.

Sweaters with v - cut, jackets with badges, olympic sweatshirts of times of the USSR, a vest with rhombuses as at the grandfather, long striped scarfs, the punctured languages, lips, ears, a nose, a nose bridge... Often emo - whales do big holes into which insert plugs (round ear rings) or tunnels (bagels) in ears. Emos - whales go with bags through a shoulder or backpacks on which hang up many badges, soft toys, patches. Some emos - whales wear square glasses with transparent glasses in a black frame and striped gaiters on hands (the most widespread - it is black - pink). On nails - a black varnish (at boys often bare and not on each nail), in ears earphones (the widespread phenomenon - emo - the whales listening to music on a cassette player, and houses - on vinyl records). Emos - whales do not disdain clothes from drains and sekond - hands.

Bisexuality - the widespread phenomenon among emo - gym shoes. Here the washed-away framework between floors, boys is similar to girls, girls are similar to boys who are similar to girls... sometimes also you will not distinguish .

About bisexuality, by the way, for certain it is for effect told. It was so fashionable at peak of popularity of " group; t. A. T. u when all nonconventional suddenly began to declare the rights.

At one of forums I found the definition of the culture by participants and quite clear and laconic:

Emo kids against violence, the evil, they for world peace. They do not understand many laws of this cruel world, and want to live simply and peacefully. This cruel world therefore they carry bangs is opposite to them partly to be protected from their uncomprehending people. The appearance they want though somehow to be unlike other people, to show that they are not so cruel and false, at least, the appearance .

It is clear, that here the emphasis on the word " is put; world . And here one more interesting nuance:

Emos - whales often are streyteydzher. StraightEdge ( accurate line) - the movement propagandizing a healthy lifestyle. Tell NO! to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and chaotic sexual communications .

It is well, quite laudable! Though it is unclear how it matches with so-called bisexuality .

There are disagreements in that occasion as it is correct to speak: emo or imo. If to address sources, that is, the word emotion, then it is read so: imoushn and the reduced emo option: imo . But there is the Russian word emotional why the " option went; emo which is more widespread in our " environment now;.

As it appeared, it is quite clear teenage culture. However, some fashionable tendencies, a special fetish are added. In a pursuit of own identity teenagers often copy each other, joining this or that cultural current. It is good if this current is not sharp negative it is even better when some pure feelings are accented. Here I found the word world also I was very glad. One mention of this word - is already very good, you agree?