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How to fail a public statement?

For certain many of us at least once in life appeared in a situation when there was a need to address audience with some vital report. And the thought quite could be born in this moment in the head: Well, why I? I that, bald, red, extreme? . And, God forbid, your performance will be pleasant, for example, to the administration! So then from your neck will not get down! Will tell that you are a born speaker and from now on your honorary duties - to bear global ideas in masses.

So, all extreme and red it is devoted! The certain way to disown from the above described mission - with a crash to fail performance. How to make it? If you really stands from God - it is necessary to break a little itself. But my councils will help with it.

In - the first , read. Read monotonously. Read, without coming off in advance prepared leaves. The their pile in hands - the better will be thicker. The audience has to feel that you have serious intentions, and you here for a long time. Shift leaves more often, check and whether there are no important notes from a reverse side, come back to already read. It is also desirable to print the text very small and on the bad printer - it will reduce the speed and quality of reading time in one and a half.

In - the second , you speak very quietly and with such look as though to you the subject of the report either is absolutely uninteresting, or it is known so that does not cause already any emotions. It is possible to heave, pretend a deep sigh from time to time that hardly you constrain yawning.

In - the third , if to you had such honor, inform of the idea people with all details, without missing any detail. The more will be in the report of specifications - the quicker the audience will lose a performance thread, and rather will begin to rustle, whisper, go about the own business. Involuntarily there will be a rumble. You it will be heard even worse. And all this to you on a hand!

In - the fourth , - though this recommendation it is also worth carrying to the process of preparation of the report, - try to sate the text with the greatest possible number of figures, dates, names, surnames, middle names. It is good if it, besides, abounds with difficult, highly specialized terms. That there were no misunderstanding, do not forget to explain each unclear word in detail. Not superfluous periodically will repeat same for the best, so to speak, digestion of material.

In - the fifth , - many will agree with me, - successfully picked up quote is an undoubted decoration of any performance. Be not too lazy to study carefully collections of aphorisms, and surely confirm each voiced thought words of classics . It is sure, after all this you will have a reputation for the educated and erudite person.

In - the sixth when the people begin to glance for hours and opaquely to hint that it would be time to remember regulations, you say that, say, remained to you a little more, and unperturbably continue to mutter under a nose what was planned. Really, not for nothing such short glass of paper was exhausted!

And in end some more recommendations. It is known that his appearance is important for the speaker. It for certain will be very useful in achievement of the object set by us. It is possible to put on, for example, absolutely ordinary and to get lost against scenery. And so, that the public guessed from where this carefully thought over monotonous reading is heard. It is possible to put on, on the contrary, as - nibud it is impossible, brightly, ridiculously. It in general will distract audience from the stated ideas, having worked on its collective intelligence hypnotically.

I think, implementation of above-mentioned simple rules will help you to fail successfully performance. Really, let find others extreme !