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What forces operate society?

the World, as well as any live and lifeless system, strive for balance, harmony and comfort. The slightest imbalance induces to look for ways of stabilization, and rest does not come until all operating factors are not reduced in uniform balanced whole.

Attempts to come to stable, safe society were made not once. And every time these attempts were made towards the mutually giving society, so far, eventually, the mankind did not come to a conclusion that the relations based on exchange more ordered egoism, that is guided by laws, are steadier, than any other arrangement.

However actually laws only slightly limit egoistical rushes. Since the moment when the majority begins to break the law, it is softened. For example, when prisons are overflowed, there is a law on amnesty and, say, 10 percent of prisoners are included in the category of law-abiding citizens. The majority begins to use drugs, and in the country start drug traffic legalization process. Suicides and those gradually are included into the category of the zakonookhranyaemy right for the choice.

That is laws are only the powder covering defects of society, but not a factor of stability. Laws in itself are not capable to protect from violence and injustice. Such actions it is possible to delay the moment of understanding of a problem, but no more.

Talk on the existing crisis, on deadlockness of a similar way of settlement of society amplifies, weakens. But this subject is inexhaustible, and the reasons seem deep-rooted generally because everyone and all are together sure of indisputable power of human egoism ( a priority - personal benefit ) in any undertaking. However it not absolutely so. As it is difficult for us to make out behind all picture of force, defining a similar state of affairs, we are forced to be in peculiar vicious circle from which exit is possible by drawing up the exact card of the events . Let`s try to consider a situation.

The increased ego leads to the conflicts and, depending on confrontation force, the public resorts to these or those measures for decrease in egoistical tendencies, that is for mutually association strengthening ( a priority - a common advantage ). The temporary calm before the following jump of egoism on which suppression considerable altruistic reserves of society rush again is caused. In other words, in society two forces - egoistical and altruistic initially work. the Difference between them only that egoistical force directly is not subject to us: its strengthening - an inevitable tendency of development, and the altruistic force, force of conscious mutually association depends directly on our desire to use it.

To leave from spasmodic vicious circle when society forcedly to rush about between egoism and altruism, staying in the constant tension and expectation of a new imbalance, not so and it is difficult. Only the desire to mutually association slightly at deeper level is necessary , than there is enough for smoothing of external contradictions of conflicting parties. In that case society takes both forces under control and becomes capable to operate consciously happening processes.

For an example I will give a case from our daily and all of us clear life. The most hot spot of confrontation are a relationship of the man and the woman . Joint life which cornerstone the conflict and reconciliation is turns into travel on the cart on the paved road when jingle of wheels muffles desirable pleasure. The appearing stones, i.e. egoism growth, does not depend on us. At the time of the conflict the man and the woman, persons interested to keep the relations, are forced to concede, i.e. to suppress the ego. The minefield built by such interrelation will blow up sooner or later, or will paralyze lovers, for fear to hook on a conflict subject. Perspective manifestation of altruism in this case is the aspiration to strengthen both relations over egoism , i.e. to strengthen the feeling of love covering all shortcomings of the opposite side. Joint search of means to increase in such feeling is capable to fasten partners and to transform walk on the bumpy road to flight on happiness wings, with feeling of stability and a neprekhodyashchnost of the reached relations.

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