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How to keep a breast beautiful and healthy?

What forces men to lose the head? Of course - of course, our inner world and sincere beauty. But let`s themselves secure with age to be proud not only mind. That the bust remained one of the most seductive places of our body. Remember - if you really want it, then neither the age, nor children will become a hindrance. So, what to do and what to avoid?

The most important - should protect it and to look after not from time to time, and it is regular.

Protect a breast from blows, the sun and when sharply you gain or you lose weight, you remember - all organism including your breast suffers. And then extensions, an obvislost not to avoid. And here constancy in concern on the bust will only help to support him. And still - what procedures you would not do, do not mention a pacifier. It is unsafe. Also carry good linen only of your size!

eat Properly . Products with the high content of vitamins A, E and Page are very useful to skin of a mammary gland. These are carrots, apricots, spinach, citrus and others red . I want to dispel the myth that the cabbage influences the breast size. And here bananas and dried apricots, bread from bran, porridges - from whole grain - here that will help a breast to be on the ball. Also forget about fat and excessively salty food in unlimited number. Salt detains water in an organism and causes stretching of connecting fabric. And greasy food - at all does not demand comments. Pay attention to beer yeast - in them many thiamine which provides desired elasticity.

Beauty is, first of all, health. Therefore do not forget about the substances preventing formation of cancer cells: fruit, vegetables, green tea, red wine, Brazilian nutlets...

And banal - do not abuse alcohol as, however, and smoking. Advantage any, and harm to all organism.

We are not able to change the breast size, but to correct a form really. The gymnastics and massage will come to the rescue of .

the simply and one of the most effective methods - massage by water as water makes the soft, sparing impact on skin and raises a tone of muscles. Give yourself only several minutes in the morning - and the effect will not keep itself waiting long. Roundabouts advance a scattered stream from edges to shoulders, taking a decollete zone. It is possible to increase a pressure when you mass a zone around a breast. One of effective remedies of support of a breast in great shape - douches by cold water. The good effect gives a contrast shower.

Big advantage and of sea water. But it is not obligatory to go to the sea. It is enough to dissolve 100 grams of pharmaceutical sea salt in 1 l of water. Taking such bath or floating in the sea, carefully massage a breast roundabouts, without pressing.

Is one more way to help a breast to be beautiful, and to you to cheer up. In the morning roundabouts massage the breast ice cubes. Here you will see, this procedure to be pleasant also to you, and your bust!

The breast does not contain muscular tissue therefore our task - to help it. Swimming, tennis, volleyball, push-ups from a floor and from a wall - pumping over hands and a back, you help a breast to be on the ball. And do not stoop at all. A good bearing - not only it is beautiful, but also it is useful for internals and your bust including.

Do not forget to humidify and nourish breast skin . Benefit for this purpose set of means. Only you remember, high cost - not always quality and what is necessary for you. Consult with professionals. And finish each water procedure with cream, serum, gel Do not forget about masks. Only will make a good shape of skin of a breast it more attractively.

remember I - you the best woman on the earth and you deserve long to remain beautiful and healthy!