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How to protect the sight?

That life was bright, we need good sight. How to protect it how to make so that paints never faded in your eyes? It is necessary to care for them.

What is usually recommended by oculists if sight gradually worsens? Most often - to include in the diet citrus , first of all - lemons if, of course, there is no allergy. The geranium smell which keeps visual acuity is very useful. Essential oils which well influence nervous system are a part of this plant and remove puffiness of eyes. It is also possible to use small pillows for eyes with geranium extract. Especially that who works at the computer or often is driving.

The most effective natural remedy for improvement of sight is bilberry which part pro-vitamin A and antitsianozida is. As a result of effect of these vitamins the susceptibility to various levels of radiation increases (day and night), and visual acuity at different illumination amplifies. Besides, the making bilberries possess the healing, antiedematous and sosudoukreplyayushchy action. Eat bilberry and drink bilberry juice! It is very useful.

Will help to keep sight also ordinary carrots which are rich with vitamin A too. By the way, the is brighter color of carrots, the better, the is more in it than carotene. Can drink freshly squeezed carrot juice. It is possible to rub it on a grater or is entirely and that did not become boring, to add salt, sugar, raisin. But it is also necessary to tell that carotene is acquired only in the presence of fat therefore it is better to use carrots in combination with vegetable or olive oil and with sour cream.

Beet is rich with zinc which too effectively increases visual acuity. It is the best of all to eat beet on an empty stomach, in the raw. A lot of zinc also contains in sweet pepper and pumpkin sunflower seeds. It is possible to make very useful and vitamin-rich salad of crude beet and carrots - to grate: crude beet, white cabbage, carrots. To add some salt and fill with olive oil. Here to taste it is possible to add raisin or other dried fruits.

Helps to keep sight tincture or extract from magnolia vine fruits. It combines properties of a citrus and bilberry. Fragrant berry of a magnolia vine contains lemon, ascorbic, apple, amber acid. Substances P - vitamin activity are found in pulp, in a seed there are lipids and protein. To prepare magnolia vine tincture, it is necessary to take 100 g of fruits, 0,5 l of alcohol, and within 10 days to insist in the dark place at the room temperature, then to wring out and store tincture in the dark cool place. It is necessary to use tincture 2 - 3 times a day on 20 - 30 drops. But it is not necessary to abuse, the excessive hobby can lead to sleeplessness as makes active an organism. It is also possible to buy tincture in a drugstore.

There is a set of methods of preservation of sight, up to special yoga for eyes, gymnastics, auto-trainings. I will tell about some simple exercises which can be carried out every day.

The first exercise - Smoothly stretch in a bed and be serially rolled from one side on another, and deeply you breathe. Then widely open eyes and a mouth. Close eyes and present that you write with a nose in air. On all these exercises no more than five minutes will leave.

- Look at the second in a window on very remote subject, and fixedly consider it seconds 10, then translate a look regarding nearby. Repeat 15 times. It is possible to carry out such exercise 2 times a day within a month, then to make a pause for 2 - 3 weeks, and again to repeat.

The third - get up at a wall and, without turning the head, quickly translate a look from the right top corner of the room in left lower and vice versa. Repeat not less than 50 times.

Remember that the gymnastics for eyes takes off fatigue of our organs of vision. Yogis advise

to fix a look on a flame, on a nose tip, finger-tips or the line of the horizon. 2 times a day for 10 minutes are enough to do of it, no more, differently there can come overfatigue.

Protect the eyes, give them necessary vitamins and carry out exercises. Good luck!