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We prepare Round table ? Easily!

Round table with taste

the Main component of this lovely dish is, of course, a conversation subject.

It should not be sharp, heavy or rigid. Gourmets can unburden the heart at themselves in kitchen. For normal citizens who, thank God, the majority - a subject need to be chosen respectively, normal. Large, not zavetrenny, with philosophical streaks and a uniform intellectual raid.

Quite will approach effective civil dialogue or introduction of the eco-friendly " technologies; or patriotism

It is better to entrust a priming (ferment) to professionals, previously having convinced available at the last documentary confirmations and initial oratorical skills.

of the Doctor, professor, experts and other authorities, in the majority, successfully cope with an objective, and participants begin carefully, to add the comments on droplets. The unsuccessful priming finds itself drowsiness, paper rustling, a whispering and leakage of attendees.

It is free the improvising ritor, it is better to avoid freelancers and melancholic poets as zatravshchik. Being uncontrollable, they can cause equally violently boiling and a souring of audience that it is good not to eat.

Two traditional questions quite will be suitable for discussion activization: who is guilty? and what to do? Unostentatiously sounded by the moderator they, as a rule, make the recovering impact. And it is excessive to say that the good moderator holds about himself three - four versions of answers to these questions.

the Most pattern in the first case: youth power businessmen and USA and in the second to develop to promote to participate and to carry out .

The second, not less important component, participants are. Selecting them for the Round table it is necessary to remember the main, boiled down and verified for centuries, gastronomic postulates as that: full will not comprehend hungry the tar spoon spoils a barrel of honey and nedosol - on a table, peresol - on a back . Total taste, a smell and a consistence of the Round table directly depends on the one who came. Here the variety and careful hashing is important. Only then the refined shade with the romantic name " turns out; " palette; or bouquet .

Otherwise can receive monotonous mix with some prevailing smell. For example, young orach or naphthalene. Or that it is even worse - a dusty pillow important to remember

that there are components absolutely incompatible.

So, the parties conducting long-term judicial squabble by all means will bring it with themselves. And if you are not frightened by the well-known soup - wish-wash as a result, - safely invite both of these parties. And wish-wash receive, and a rare fun to weldings.

I do not confuse lawsuits of the organizations and personal scores!

The fool can get out also in well organized process. As in fritters: soda - is extinguished, vinegar - bubbles, the rest - dough on good rise. Another thing is that instead of the Round table the Poultry market, and the moderator turns out if did not allow to carry away itself entertaining rebark, - grins and marvels at uneasy exhibits .

the Preparation time depends besides on participants and our sensitive leader who watches the timer. An optimum - hour, hour - fifteen. Less - there is a risk that there will be crude places, it is more - other extreme: fermentation and the burned slightly bottom. Therefore it is not necessary to abuse either that, or another.

Also you remember that as in normal chemical reaction there are catalysts and inhibitors (ubystritel and umedlitel, in other words) - and in the course of the Round table not to avoid them. The hurrying representatives of business, officials with planned in the afternoon, leaders of the youth organizations, umayanny by an immovability and journalists treat the first.

To the second - the representatives of a retirement age who are slowly arguing on tram tariffs, the hysterical aunts who are dropping out of a case with the story about immorality and everyone the wandering demagogues, becoming more active in the oseena - the spring period.

Skillfully focusing attention to the first and softly neutralizing the second as practice shows, it is possible to keep within the allowed time quite.

Not at once, of course, it will turn out, but business is worth it...