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You want to leave off smoking? Personal experience of

Why people smoke?...

it is valid what for?

the Most popular answers to this intriguing question are:

Well, type, for the company...

To Calm nerves, to relax

... habit... began to drink, smoke and speak at the same time...

Begin to smoke, as a rule, for the company, or as option, for the company not to work. Having involved in smoking for the " company; begin to smoke from nerves and for other not less foolish reasons explaining to the smoker his already issued dependence.

From smoking it is possible to derive also some esthetic pleasure (a little giving masochism). For example: sitting in the room with the muffled light, having turned on the meditative music, to throw legs on a table and to start up ringlets. It is simple to inhale and exhale a smoke - it is uninteresting. It is far more curious to sit, without uniform thought in the head and to watch interlacings of silvery streams of a smoke in the dark, behind fragile rings which, having begun the life with a prompt turbulence of air mixed up with a smoke, fly forward, but quickly lose stability, stop rotating in also break up to thin streams which fly up under a ceiling, on the contrary, slowly flow down down, forming in air fancy designs of whitish threads of a tobacco smoke... Sometimes the smoky ring runs on a sharp stream of air (for example, from a cooler of the system unit), and then its edge breaks, the ring is crumpled and dissipates a gaze. Rings intertwine, turn into fantastic dragons, slightly flicker having caught dim blinking of the monitor...

One small cigarette, and how many creative!

But should be paid for everything, in this case it is necessary to pay in the watering eyes, the sat-down voice, very bad feeling in a mouth, irritation in a throat, the tobacco reek of alcohol, eternally dried up lips, the darkened enamel on teeth, sharp pain around a solar plexus at physical activities, long cough, dizziness and still a set of the most various troubles.

Having weighed all not numerous for and whole ton against I decided to throw. Because angrily.

Attempt number of times. Voroshilovsky of the arrows

Have less than cigarettes - less problems. Seemingly reasonably. We stop buying cigarettes, in a pocket the lighter on duty " dangles; just in case . Everything is remarkable. But to smoke


But a cigarette cannot be bought. Because harm, because angrily because for... tormented. But to smoke


After second day of it not smoking quietly you hate all smokers. On the street - pitch, in taverns and clubs - not to breathe freely, at work - ashtrays burst with stubs. The schoolmate met on the street by chance and stopped by you with the purpose to chat becomes a last straw. He unperturbably gets a pack, and, between words, lights. Something speaks, dragging on and exhaling smoke clouds. Then notices unhealthy gloss of your eyes focused on the smoldering cigarette tip then from a pack one more sigaretina is taken...

after that even if to follow the ban on purchase of cigarettes, to smoke will not turn out less. Here - the companion, there - the colleague, on the street - the respectable man tasty popykhivayushchy parliament on a friendly sit-round gathering - almost all smoke, say, the phrase There is no Sigarette? becomes the person on duty.

Attempt number two. Will power

Having been exhausted to shoot each passer - peppered and having quite realized crash of the first attempt, again we buy cigarettes. We smoke even more, in the morning to a throat it is even worse, and after a view of a green face in a mirror (it is unimportant that not so much from cigarettes how many because morning of Monday) with the words yes what is it we are enough almost whole pack and we lower in a toilet bowl, the lighter goes there. Then new healthy life it is generously washed very useful " yogurt; or super - healthy " juice;.

However, Monday.

At work (on study) unexpectedly happens a work involving all hands (control, session, the diploma). All who only can get to the bottom of you, by phone those who cannot get to the bottom, the list of affairs on a ponenedelnik in the daily log is not eaten heartily even to the field calculated for a week, the favourite computer politely sends you to learn Albanian and flatly refuses to work, the clients who are out for your blood from the category of clinical idiots or any other living creatures capable to spoil the one emergence all day for the week ahead break a door...

appears keen desire Soon to tell the crown phrase Well it, there were people as people and suddenly all became - cretins! and to be thrown out of a window. But the instinct of self-preservation is strong more than ever, therefore, we are enough the first pack of cigarettes and we are evacuated through a rear entrance... we Smoke

in a court yard.


of the Birdie sing.

Nirvana and silent meditative ommmmm followed by a smoke cloud.

Attempt number 3. Folk remedies, mysticism and auto-suggestion

It is obvious that the world such is what we see it. If we want to believe that the silent shebursheniye behind a wall is a brownie is arranged to sleep, then so it also will be. We want to believe that there the green sheburshunchik hides? Easily. We want to think that it is all about recent repair, hot weather and a rassykhaniye of new door jambs? As much as necessary.

Therefore to invent an own way to throw once and for all - is quite easy. It is heavy to convince himself that it will work. But it is solvable. Already tested options - thousands. Respiratory gymnastics, a nicotinic plaster, special ceremonies of disgust from smoking (it is possible most to think up).

But to go the blazed road even in such business - is uninteresting, it is better to think up something special, an own way and to feel the pioneer. One more plus: if there is an ambition grain, then having carried out the plan, then it will be just inconvenient to smoke, it means crash of your own, personal theory.

I, for example, took a pack of cigarettes, smoked from it several pieces, and then a marker wrote on a pack Smoking . Left a pack in a visible place and, having departed far away, began to observe. Did not pass also hour as the pack was cut a respectable look by the man, giggled over an inscription, and, having lit, put a pack in a pocket. It`s done, my habit removed to a pocket to the man.

One more effective way - always to carry with itself a pack in which there are cigarettes (it is a way for people with humour), but having opened a pack, first of all you see an inscription - You left off smoking! You... (is farther a mat)!!! Put back and do not touch! . Options - a heap.

Most important, before process of disposal of smoking to be defined that it really is necessary to you, but not for show in a personal record, and further - a trick.