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How to make Sangria with the Spanish character?

In bars of Spain you will always meet tourists who will drink Sangria. Perhaps, they feel like Spaniards, sipping this divine drink, maybe, they just like its taste to

Sangria - the most popular Spanish cocktail for parties. It is considered that it appeared in the Southern Spain about 400 years ago. Most likely, initially it just was means of use of the impaired a little fruit which in Spain probably - it is invisible. The cut fruit mixed up with wine, and surprisingly tasty drink turned out! Then recipes were improved, and them the great variety collected. Now everyone can find to itself(himself) Sangria to liking.

It turns out that Sangria gained the world fame only in 1964 - m to year after the World Fair in New - York where it was presented among other drinks of the Spanish pavilion.

There is nothing magic in preparation of this easy, summer and joyful drink. To prepare Sangriya, Spaniards take inexpensive red wine, inexpensive alcoholic drinks and fruit of which always near at hand it is enough, - as a rule, these are apples, oranges and peaches. Usually for taste sugar or cinnamon is added. b do not have

of Vida Sangriya

In Spain such concept as traditional Sangriya, though the standard version of Sangriya - with red wine.

Usual Sangriya

She always with fruit and sugar, and is present at it lemonade.

White Sangriya Same

, as usual Sangriya, but as it is awful, with white wine.

Kava Sangriya

Sangriya with Kava - sparkling wine, local alternative of champagne, widespread in Catalonia.

The main recipe of Sangriya

Beauty of the main recipe of Sangriya is that drink will be tasty and easy, and its taste only improves what you would not add to it. It is valid, difficult to add to it wrong an element - here the loved fruit, spices and hard alcoholic beverages. Drink with pleasure!


1 bottle of cheap red wine;

same bottle of lemonade;

1 glass of alcoholic drinks (ideally - brandy or whisky);

1 peach;

1 apple;

1 orange;

of 2 tablespoons of sugar;


Preparation Cut with

fruit and wet in alcoholic drink, put in the refrigerator (it is desirable since evening). Any alcoholic drink will approach, but it is desirable that it was not vodka and not gin. If you worry concerning mixing of drinks, adhere at the choice of drinks of existence in their structure of grapes. It is possible to experiment with fruit - the kiwi and bananas are very popular. But the peach is especially good, it fills drink with beautiful aroma.

Red wines in Spain happen very cheap (usually the bottle costs 1 euro). Spaniards buy inexpensive red wine for Sangriya`s preparation not to be ruined.

Mix wine, alcoholic drink, fruit and lemonade, add a little ice. If you want to try Sangriya before giving on a table and wish that it was slightly aerated, pour at first lemonade in a glass, and then slowly add other ingredients.

Add a half of sugar and strew with cinnamon. Taste. If it is not enough sugar, add still. Be not surprised if a lot of sugar is required.

Add ice and give on a table.

Fruit Sangriya to Cut

pieces of 0,5 kg of peaches, banana, apple and a melon, to add several clusters of grapes.

Then to fill in fruit with liter of red wine, to add 100 ml of gin or vodka, 300 ml of lemon juice, 100 g of sugar, it is a little cinnamon and several cubes of ice.

Fruit can be added uncountable quantity - both a lemon, and orange, and a lime, and strawberry, and a peach, and even pineapple is welcomed!

Every year, since September 10, across all Spain the vintage holiday is celebrated. It is one of bright and unforgettable holidays. The first collected clusters are consecrated at steps of a local cathedral, then press them legs (remembered Celentano?). The holiday is followed by music, songs, dances and Sangriya. It is drunk in Spain all fall.

And we have a summer soon. When kvass bothers why not to try Sangriya?