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And you love a nettle?

of What are only not eaten by people! From the middle 80 - x years of the last century in Great Britain annually there takes place the World Championship of Eaters of the Nettle.

Applicants for a champion crown can be counted on fingers - all know how the nettle is burned down. But people always think out to themselves difficulties that then it is successful to struggle with them. Here competition takes especially sophisticated form. Participants have to eat a nettle, being directly in its thickets, and stark naked.

The one who eats more wins. It is good still that it is allowed to wash down a nettle with beer. It very stimulates eaters. And at the same time, it is possible to stage also a beer contest.

It, of course, entertainment, but not useless. Vitamin C in leaves of a nettle is twice more, than in currant berries, and - it is more vitamin A, than in carrots and fruits of a sea-buckthorn. The nettle and mineral salts, especially, is rich with iron, and vitamins and iron in it are in such proportions that as well as possible normalize the main metabolism, promote increase of hemoglobin in blood that is followed by increase of a tone warmly - vascular system.

The nettle improves coagulability of blood, increases the content in it of hemoglobin and quantity of erythrocytes, narrows vessels. Therefore in traditional medicine it is applied as styptic means. She improves appetite, speeds up work of kidneys, promotes clarification of an organism from slags.

The nettle at diseases of blood and skin is especially useful, to fight against dandruff.

Use it and in cookery. Young escapes and leaves of a nettle add to salads, green borsch, Russian cabbage soup. Powder from leaves of a nettle is added to sauces, omelets, porridges.

Try to prepare also you something tasty, for example:

Russian cabbage soup from a nettle

Necessary products:

a nettle - 150 g

fat - 1 h a spoon

broth or water - 1 l

a sorrel - 100 g

carrots - 10 g

onion - 1 head

green onions - 30 g

butter - 1 tablespoon

milk - 1 tablespoon

sour cream - 2 tablespoons

egg crude - 1 piece and boiled - 4 pieces

bay leaf - 1 piece

greens of

parsley black pepper ground


Quantity of portions: 4

Preparation time: 30 min.

Way of preparation: the Nettle touch

, wash out and for 2 - 3 minutes ship in boiled water, cast away on a sieve, pass via the meat grinder and extinguish with fat of 10 - 15 minutes. Cut carrots straws, onions - half rings and fry on oil, at the end of frying add small cut green onions.

Put a nettle, the browned vegetables in the boiling broth or water and you cook 20 minutes. In 5 minutes prior to the end of cooking add the cut sorrel, bay leaf, salt, pepper and fill with the egg which is shaken up with milk.

Give with the boiled egg cut in half strew with chopped greens and put sour cream.

The recipe is taken from the website com

These are not the only leaves eaten. Remember at least cabbage, salad, spinach, a sorrel.

If in you see in the wood low creeping to a rastenyitsa with the leaves similar to three accrete hearts, you can start to to preparations . This is a kislitsa who is called still hare clover or hare cabbage . It quite replaces a sorrel. Moreover, it is dried for the winter, salted, candied, rolled up in banks. It is so rich ascorbic and other organic acids that it is used willingly for preparation of the refreshing drinks, compotes and kissels.

The separate story is deserved by a dandelion. It at us on it is watched just as at the amusing flower suitable unless on weaving out of it venochek. And in many countries of the world it is even cultivated as garden culture. Do salads and wine of it, cook soups and jam. Universal plant.

But most of all he uses as a herb. Still Avicenna juice of a dandelion treated dropsy, liver diseases, reduced cataracts from eyes. And now it is actively used for healing of diseases of a liver, a stomach, kidneys, a bladder, reduce warts, callosities and pigmentary spots. Gruel from leaves and flowers of a dandelion kill pain at gout, rheumatism and arthritises.

Young leaves of a plantain, a burdock, mother - and - stepmothers, a clover meadow, a rhubarb are edible.

Quite edible leaves can grow on bushes and trees. So, the young leaves growing on blackberry, blackcurrant, a dogrose, a fine-leaved linden are edible.

Bon appetit!