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Why the grandfather cries, the woman cries ?

Version first.

Perhaps cry with offense? Old men were upset that forces they did not have at all, - they beat with both the iron, and a sledge hammer egg honestly, - and nothing left. And here some small mouse came running and coped with a task. That is, it is sad them that the younger generation in the person of their mouse - r - r - time, and outrode.

Here in To the Turnip for example, nobody pouts at a mouse. On the contrary, very much even all are glad. I am recently original end at modern " here; Turnips read: The grandma from a turnip of tasty sweet porridge Welded on. The mouse ate porridge, the cat ate porridge, ate Bug porridge, the granddaughter ate porridge, the grandma ate porridge and, of course, ate the old man`s porridge - here such turnip! . It turns out that the mouse even earned reward for the work in the form of a plate with porridge.

Version second.

Perhaps it is the last food in the house, and were laid great hopes on it? Though, on the other hand, what one egg means to two adults? Besides, sell you gold egg, there are so much simple - that eggs can be bought.

Version third.

It is possible, the woman with the grandfather thought up to themselves what egg has to break in some special way known only to them, and the mouse them destroyed all plans? Though, apparently, you need the broken egg, - here it, receive! From - for what again tears - that flow?

at simoronist is pleasant to me about it one simple rule which sense is as follows: If you want to receive desirable result, then be ready to unexpected and unpredictable ways of its receiving . In a word, not upryamstvuy on the scenario of execution of desire. For example, you want to break egg, - and you his fist, the hammer, a sledge hammer! Everything, no more options are meant. And, it appears, the mouse can touch with a tail, a cat there, the doggie, a cow, at last, can kick quite even. Aliens everywhere here fly, so will manage them, for example, on egg to land So, the scenario it is necessary to allow any. And to rejoice that it did not cost any works, and egg - it here broken!

Version fourth.

the sudden wealth Fell down old men. It is necessary to rejoice. And they - in tears. Perhaps were upset from - for the fact that the shell gold is less appreciated, than an integral gold product? Though here I cannot understand in any way - it banged

the Version fifth.

can Quite happen that the grandfather and the woman just do not love surprises. At once the grief and melancholy happens to them.

So what wisdom is handed down for centuries with all the favourite fairy tale about old men - pessimists, chicken - the optimist and a direct mouse? Is given to me that very simple and clear it, this wisdom. But any of the options found me, seemingly, does not correspond to this criterion.

Colleagues, and all fairy tale - that in three lines is located. It turns out what I in three pines got lost?