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Why it is useful to be with the child in hospital?

As often happen: your kid began to master a kindergarten, and the series of sores right there stretched. Apparently, got used to ordinary snivels and cough: the child has an acclimatization! You continue to go to work, the kid - to the. But suddenly, like a bolt from the blue: his serious illness! And not just standard ORZ, and with high temperature, weakness and loss of appetite. And here anywhere not to get to: it is necessary to go with the baby to hospital. Let`s calm down and together we will think: for what the Universe threw to you this difficult situation?

1. To teach the kid to endure pain and seriously to treat health. I Remember

how it was heavy to explain to my son what the aunt with a needle wants to make to it well To you will hold not easy it at pricks and droppers, to deceive, giving porridge with a bitter tablet inside, to put on a mask for inhalation or to thrust to it under an electrophoresis wire t-shirt. Explain him each movement, give appointments of doctors in the form of game ( The Aunt wants to give to drink through this button your hand! ) . Together encourage other kids to which it is even heavier, and you praise the child for diligent treatment.

2. At last, to communicate with the child, there is as much as possible.

my friend was with the two-year-old daughter in hospital nearly a month. And the main thing that it took out: As long ago I did not look it in the face! Once I was concerned more by her soiled dresses or not buttoned shoes, but just to sit down nearby and to smile, looking in daughter`s eyes, I lacked time!

3. To teach the child to something new and to make the discoveries. by

U you formed an additional lot of time therefore - cards in hands! You learn verses with the kid, draw or paint, ask cubes from the house: you learn colors and build the most improbable towers. Any, even the best, the governess will not replace to the kid of parental attention! At the same time look narrowly as your kid builds the relations with peers and adults whether he is able to treat others and to share toys. My sister, for example, having seen to what girls her son pays attention, understood what she will be a mother-in-law, years so through twenty!

4. To look at other children.

Of course, for any parent own child - the cleverest and the most beautiful. But I now not about it! Perhaps, looking as others roll up out of the blue a hysterics or beat younger, you will mentally hang up to yourself an award on a breast for worthy education of the child. And maybe, to something else learn from other mummies...

5. To understand who is who in your environment.

Are grandmothers who do not call for months, knowing that the grandson is seriously ill. There is an administration which at your prolonged sick-list dreams to dismiss you as soon as you come to work. There are even mothers (though, probably, it is called other word!) which bring the child to hospital, and disappear forever Also there are just close people who with all the heart worry about you, send SMS - ki and bring boxes with yogurts. Accept everything that occurs, with quiet heart! An illness - the best litmus for any relations.

6. To see itself the strong and wise adult.

you very much try not to cry at the child, cheerfully consider together with it visitors " Ambulances; also you braid small braids from shaggy bandage. It is difficult to tell to whom is more painful: to the kid - physically, or mothers - morally. Anyway, when all of you will endure it, relatives will estimate your force and tranquility which you got in hospital!

7. That it nevermore repeated. Now you precisely know

how many has to be in blood of leukocytes how to stop bleeding, than to give to drink to the child at high temperature. Let`s consider that it was necessary for you to become more careful, more attentive and kinder to the kid. Thanks to Destiny for these lessons, though taught in such rigid look. Remember, through an illness the child tries to reach the overworked parents! Therefore from now on trace: when time to scatter stones and when time to bring them out of kidneys .

Work, create, have a rest all together, create something new in the family and it is obligatory good luck - together with your child!