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What is a duffle coat and than it is popular?

for anybody not a secret that a lot of things what was at peak of glory in the past develops on a spiral and sooner or later, become “ hit No. 1 “ in the present. Fashion and style not an exception: vests, ties - herrings (so call tight ties) at a strong half of mankind became fashionable again (well stylists at least so claim). About girls and women in general it is not necessary to speak - at them in clothes weather changes nearly monthly. But if began about clothes for men, I will continue.

Perhaps, rather late this information is presented for inhabitants of the European part of the mother - Russia, but for the numerous population of Zauralie it will be useful to know about duffle coats - man`s short coats from dense rough woolen fabric. There are also female options, but nevertheless the true popularity in the West and at us was won by a duffle coat for men.

The duffle coat represents a warm coat / short coat / jacket - the coat (it to whom as) from wool invented in Belgium in the town of Dafl (or Dyufel) almost in age-old times - in the 17th century. In general the duffle coat became popular not only in Belgium long ago and to that there is an explanation: the duffle coat is remarkable a combination of a practicality, reliability in a rough format (the double layer of fabric protects from a rain and wind, and under a big hood in general will seem to you that wind is absent in your life at all) and the minimum claim for grandstanding. But at the same time originality notes with interesting details and other quirks are not alien to it.

Once fashion “ peeped “ similar outerwear among fishermen of the seas of northern latitudes. At the beginning of the XX century the duffle coat was fallen in love by a free form another “ to sea people “ - to seamen of the English fleet who, sporting in it on the world that there, syam, increased its popularity. In “ secular “ to clothes gained distribution in the middle of the century of the past - the fiftieth years - among students. Finally “ ograzhdanit “ a duffle coat in 60 - e not who other, as Yves Seong - Laurent. At the same time, by the way, with a sailorly pea jacket.

Then - a duffle coat the French clever men and intellectuals who had enough snobbery began to put on that without any neglect to mask manifestations of love to clothes under the guise of the pseudo-negligent relation to clothes: it seems, and classical, but what can be serious in this coat? Since then the duffle coat perfectly joined style of coffee rebels of the homeland of the Eiffel Tower. We love it there quite strongly.

Formally the duffle coat is carried to classical coats. But among them it has a reputation for the most informal: the coat from rough wool accompanied with a hood, wooden or from a horn of some buffalo the oblong buttons similar to fastener canines - plugs. Strange name of this “ " coat; comes from the material developed in above-mentioned by me Dafle (Dyufel): duffle - a sort of a half-woolen baize or poplin with a pile. Today the duffle coat is sewed from different others, but almost surely woolen, matters - an excellent loden, for example.

Fashionable brands of clothes regularly let out duffle coats, not especially interpreting their style. It and to anything - if only from excess foppery. So the type of a duffle coat is firm many years. It vklyuchayet:1kapyushon (with a fastener on a neck); 2 Of the Button

(wooden or bone which form is called “a morzhovy canine“ are clasped on the loops made of leather or a textile cord); 3 Material -

has to be impressive (ideally - wool with dense pile), but not smooth; 4 Length usually makes three quarters; 5 Pockets

(on each side - two deep laid on rectangular shapes with valves).

Simplicity and simplicity together with originality, a practicality provided popularity of the duffle coats winning everything new sympathies of people.