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What you, akhaltekinets?

At horse exhibitions which take place in St. Petersburg several years in a row many fans and experts on horses paid attention on harmonous, golden color, well-cared horses more than once. Akhaltekintsa! Strong, very graceful animals. Proud and prompt, beautiful and plastic, elegant and bright, with the nostrils and the burning black eyes which are inflated for nervousness

Prompt run, the fascinating movements of this east handsome delight both fans, and experts.

As got representatives of ancient breed to our severe climate?

In Old Peterhof is Konno - sports club Argamak where are engaged in cultivation of akhaltekinets. Names of owners were heard at least once by everyone - Vladimir Solomonovich and Irina Vladimirovna Hiyenkiny. I several times came in Argamak to admire horses and to communicate to Vladimir Solomonovich. But this time we talked to his son Daniil.

- Daniil, tell what began " with; Argamak ?

- Was formed Argamak in 90 - m to year when from Turkmenistan brought 12 horses.

- How many horses at you now?

- On our stable - is more than twenty akhaltekinets also a lot more posterity in the district. The main stallions who were brought then are familiar to many horsemen - Helvar, Gakhryman, Gala Helvar, unfortunately, fell in Moscow. It general father a stallion - the producer, across St. Petersburg, but here application was not found for it any more. Our Helvar all had relative - to whom father, to whom grandfather, to a lump of uncles. It was necessary to change it for Garagacha that it started up at us the blood. Garagach at us cheered up, and Helvar, alas

- you Can describe akhaltekinets in a few words?

- As the person living with akhaltekinets with the childhood I can tell here that You know our Karagyoz? I was eleven years old when it was brought from Turkmenistan a six-month-old foal. When he was two years old, I for the first time walked all on him. Since then we were with it for four years. Then it happened so that I left a stable and six or even seven years in general here did not appear, did not communicate with Karagyoz in any way. What only did not happen to it during this time! Who did not work only with it! And when to me it was executed twenty, I returned in Argamak decided that again I want to ride. And Karagyoz recognized me. Came from herd to me. This, I will tell you, feeling!!! There are no words. So only akhaltekinets do. This is a horse of one owner and if they find each other, from a horse there is a tremendous return. So it turned out at us with Karagyoz.

They say that to play sports with akhaltekinets very hard because they have a difficult character. Probably, I will agree with it. Rare they are horses, of course That want, do Constantly it is necessary to prove that the person is the main thing in a duet. Every time I sit down on Karagyoz and every time should be reminded him of it. And it must be said, not always it turns out. Not always.

- Dumped? there is no

- Now - that any more, and first when learned it, I fell, probably, fifteen times for an hour. Sat down - fell, sat down - fell, sat down - fell It was in the snow winter, did without injuries, had fun. Nevertheless, for me the zayezdka was very rigid. I - that small was, easy, and at it health - that how many!.

- How many to Karagyoz now?

- Seventeen years. It ninetieth year of birth. One and a half years ago, in the summer, we participated in jumps in Ropshe and arrived the second. At the same time all horses were younger than us at least for eight years, and all riders were easier than me at least on thirty kilograms - girls

However, I promised to jump on it It is a crow, and to the finish white came, in a penalty fee. All circle hung on a tail at the leader (and a distance - 1800 meters!) Unforgettably But were afraid outright for its health Many Karagyoz puts in a gallop And the next year of the first our horse, Guncha Bike, a seven-year-old mare came too It was the longest distance, and it jumped is lazy - is lazy, there was second almost all circle, and closer to the finish she just wanted to be run really. It bypassed the leader literally in three jumps There is no wonder, seven years - for a horse just blossoming though on big jumps it is extreme age. Then, after seven years, the horse turns into sport where special preparation - jumping, a dressage is required.

But I will repeat, in my opinion, tekinets first of all - it is the friend. When you meet him, already other horses are not necessary. They say that gannover, trakena have to participate in jumping, have to run thoroughbred riding, but at the same time tekinets become more and more in St. Petersburg Probably, people begin to communicate with them, understand their uniqueness - and become attached.

Coming back to Karagyoz, I will add: how many times was so - you fall, and it does not leave. He is, of course, a rare pighead, itself is canny, will tell himself: I do not want to work today! Laziness to me You Battle against it, you battle, and suddenly it appears from above - I fell. Does not leave. It will be run around, looks: Get up, get up, give still, I am ready! And in the field always approaches This surprising feeling when the horse comes from herd. To you, yours. The others will come, will look: Sugar brought? Is not present? It`s all right Leave. And it remains.

- Tell, please, about Vladimir Solomonovich.

- I do not know why suddenly it decided to be engaged in akhaltekinets The father is a musician actually - the accordion player, the bayan player. And till 35 years it played... And then suddenly saw horses - and all. And now is engaged only in them. Only akhaltekinets.

Vladimir Solomonovich of people very difficult. They say that he loves horses more, than people. But I am sure that it is absolutely normal for the person who is engaged in such activity.

- As correctly is called your economy?

- Konno - sports club Argamak . Argamak is the second name of akhaltekinets.

- Tell, please, about breed.

- About akhaltekinets were mentions to about a year in the seven-hundredth our era. Breed is very ancient. There are only three thoroughbred breeds, other thoroughbred. Treat thoroughbred achaltekin, Arab and thoroughbred English race. There was a moment when them there were only three or four thousand heads But, fortunately, now all this is restored.

- Vladimir Solomonovich is, as far as I know, quite strict trainer. Whether so it?

- Vladimir Solomonovich attracted me in equestrian sport as I rested as I said that I have other interests As a result it all the same appeared the rights. Horses are horses, and from them not to get to anywhere. And in general about it it is very heavy to speak. Person just iron. He is 68 years old, at the same time he never asks for help, gets onto a horse. Every day the father four hours in a saddle. In a day works with four horses. At the same time many times fell, and it is not always successful, but nevertheless the love to a horse eclipses everything.

- They say that horses is an illness.

- Agrees, and an infectious disease. Vladimir Solomonovich to much me taught to jump, for example, on a horse from the earth. It since the childhood, I could not reach a stirrup when small was, only this way and jumped.

Of course, was many tears when the father spoke: If you want something to achieve, it is necessary to be engaged much And it is right, of course. I came to a stable - and I know that I will not leave already anywhere.

- your next plans?

- First of all, of course, an exhibition in Lenexpo.

- How much is akhaltekinets?

- a difficult question. Stallions - producers can cost up to 100 thousand euros. Everything depends on the one whom exactly the buyer wants to get. For himself, probably, it is better to buy a foal. If the person well rides, it is one business, it is possible to buy an adult horse. And if is not able or only begins to learn to go by a horse, then he buys this foal, every day goes to communicate with it, and meanwhile in parallel learns to go. So was also at me with Karagyoz. He was six months old, we just communicated with him. They say that mares more devoted to the person, become attached to the owner more, it is easier to work with them. With a stallion it is more difficult several times - but also return absolutely another. Karagyoz now gelding. When I left from Argamaka he missed and did not see anybody around, near him it was impossible to be I know it only by hearsay, of course. It was necessary to castrate him that it was quieter.

- And the last question of your father. Whether it is possible to describe Vladimir Solomonovich`s identity in a word?

- Is possible. Chief.

- Daniil, big to you thanks for the bright, interesting story. Tell, please, in conclusion of several words.

- Horses, and especially akhaltekinets are unique animals. And if the person manages to sweetheart an argamak, he will be able to see and not to feel it. So I wish those who will want to get akhaltekinets, patience because it is rendered a hundredfold. And good luck, of course.

14. 03. 2007