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How not to be ill? (Part one) of

How to live without being ill? Whether it is possible now? I undertake to claim that there is a system checked by time and experience of many people. In it all twelve rules , and it will allow not only not to be ill, but also to recover the health, to each person. I Want to share the experience with readers.

the First rule sounds so: Twice a day bathe in cold natural water that to you it was good. Bathe in what you can: in the lake, the small river, a bathroom, take a shower or have a shower bath. These are your conditions. Finish hot bathing cold.

I know that most of readers will think, having read these lines. It was necessary to begin earlier when health was. And it is even better in the childhood. And it is even better that parents accustomed, well and so on.

I want to assure you, dear readers, vast majority of people do not begin the tempering procedures just like that, at the moments healthy and safe lives. And even beginning to temper children, gradually give up this business. The main reason here, in my opinion that, understanding big importance of this business for development of the child, for themselves parents do the amendment, for the same reason, see above.

And in my life there was such moment when after a serious illness, I sat over a heap of drugs and with horror understood that my further life will be completely subordinated to an illness now. Search of new preparations as old do not help any more, new methods of treatment, more skilled and qualified doctors and money, money, money …. Everything in me rose against such prospect, but the illness already held with the rigid hand strong and to escape was not so - that simply.

Techniques hardenings and improvements of an organism are difficult and rather confused. All authors meet in one: water - the strongest and the effective tempering remedy. And here in recommendations about a hardening a cock-a-hoop. One authors advise to carry out water procedures right after a dream, others after physical exercises. One advise to begin at air temperature not less than 17 - 20 degrees with water not to exchange 20 - 24 degrees, then gradually to reduce water temperature to 15 degrees, with small reservation: if everything is normal. Others advised to begin with water with the temperature of 30 - 32 degree and each 3 - 4 days to lower temperature by 1 degree, without specifying to what limit, probably, until everything is normal. It is impossible to bathe right after food, on a hungry stomach it is not recommended too. Besides, whole heap of contraindications: with the increased arterial pressure - it is impossible, at a fever too, with the increased nervous excitability it is better for people to refrain well and in the same vein.

Dear friends, believe practical experience, mine and my many friends. Hide all recommendations, after reading, far away. All ingenious has to be simple. What our conditions? It is water from - under the crane in the city apartment. It the most effective for us tempering means. Just for a start we will make this influence short-term. It is necessary to gather water in a basin or a bucket and to pour out on itself all at once. Time of procedure will make two seconds, but you will feel effect at once. Heart will not stop, breath too, there will pass the fever which was - that fear and the fear gradually will pass. Listen to the feelings. In a body internal heat, ease will appear. It will be pleasant to you. Your feelings have to become the main criterion in carrying out improving procedures, of course not distorted by fear.

Accept some more practical advice. Water has to be obligatory cold, the cold what you will be able only to find. At an opportunity try to have a shower bath from a well, in the village, at the dacha. Any diseases and any season cannot be contraindication for this procedure. Of course not all diseases will pass at once, it is necessary to work at some. The Main thing you will very quickly leave fear, and you will have forces and desire to live without being ill.