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How to earn money, or you Want money - love them! Whether

you Love money? I will tell you a thing, simple to strangeness. The one who loves something actually and really that always has it. Remember how the real man tries to obtain the woman or as you bought the first car (if bought). You received the desirable. And if your feelings were actually strong, you could refuse to yourself all the rest, for you there were no barriers in achievement of the fact that you really wanted. At such moments any could envy your persistence.

If you tested in the life something similar - you were lucky: you know this acute sense of success, you touched it with thin strings of your soul and, so will be able to achieve everything that you can only imagine. At desire you can catch a lot of money. Even whole safe of money... no - the whole car!

It is only necessary to deal with the thoughts of money - why all of you - do not love them (and if at you is them insufficiently - you do not love them) and also for what you can fall in love with them. It is necessary to treat as if them in a new way, to look on the other hand. The matter is that the love to the ornamented pieces of paper is not that love about which we speak now. As Francis Bacon told: Money good servant, but bad owner . And if to think much of money, they will never be.

The main problem of the Russian business and one of the main reasons of its failures - absence of desire to set to itself other purposes, besides enrichment. An indirect demonstration of it is how quickly collapsed a few years ago in August 98 - go the financial sector which is violently developing in Russia. It is necessary to dare to dream and dream. Only then money will pour down the river. Set tasks not to cut down cabbage on - fast and to increase professional level, to think up something original, giving new breath to your work or your business.

Remember, at last, that enthusiasm with which in pioneer years looked for a flag conditional opponent in the game Summer lightning . Exactly the desire to work, but not desire to grow rich gives birth to magnates and industrial kings! Certainly, the aspiration to enrichment can be present, but by the way, as they say - latently. And, at last, try to feel constantly to the rich, to bring up monetary consciousness. Just always you say to yourself that I have enough means, and I do not need anything. Convince yourself of it, and the reality will begin to change for the better.