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How to fight against extensions?

Come nearer summer, and with it and a beach season. It is a high time to make toilet. Let`s begin with the fact that we will promise ourselves to eat properly, we will play sports, we will get rid of all superfluous. And what to do with extensions? Yes, they are not hazardous to health at all (if, of course, are not a consequence of a syndrome of Itsenko - Kushinga), do not cause painful feelings, but can spoil appearance. And it can be hardly pleasant to the woman. Well, let`s amicably try to find out how to fight with them.

It is known that the enemy needs to be known by sight therefore for a start let`s understand that is represented by extensions or as they are called still, striya. Skin, owing to various reasons (hormones, pregnancy, a sharp set of weight, etc.) becomes thinner, loses elasticity and on it internal anguishes can appear. Elastic fibers are replaced with connecting fabric in which there are blood vessels. Here therefore extensions initially happen pink or violet color. Over time vessels zapustevat and extensions brighten. The trouble is in what without special means and procedures to achieve that these awful strips became less noticeable, is almost impossible. They will not manage to be disguised foundation, does not take them and autosuntan, and on swarty skin they become even more noticeable.

It is necessary to start treatment of hems as soon as possible. If the reason of emergence of extensions. It is the best of all to begin with massage. It is possible to try self-massage, but to achieve visible effect, address professional massage therapists. You, certainly, will not get off with one procedure, it is necessary to complete the whole course. But the result will not keep itself waiting: extensions will become less relief, so, less noticeable. Most often practices manual, and also vacuum types of massage.

For reduction of striya are used by various cosmetics : compresses, wrappings (for example, vodoroslevy wrappings are very effective in combination with massage), essential oils, bathtubs, saunas, masks. The range of creams and ointments is rather big. The doctor will help to choose suitable means to you. Do not self-medicate! It can be dangerous. The expert will consider your type of skin, features of work of your organism and consequently also the effect will be much more notable. I will notice that a course of treatment of extensions by means of cosmetics and medical ointments quite long: about 1 - 2 months, sometimes longer, depending on degree of inveteracy and size of a hem.

Very often at treatment of extensions are used by injections . The area of damage is cut away special means that stimulates blood circulation, improves intracutaneous microcirculation. As a result of such procedures of an extension smooth out, considerably decrease.

The peeling is also quite popular such way as . Superficial peelings help only at fresh hems. At deep and chronic scars the median peeling practices. The deep peeling at fight against extensions is not applied as skin so is too weakened.

One of the most effective remedies polishing of skin (microdermabrasion) due to drawing on it under pressure of small abrasive particles is considered . Procedure this almost painless. Thanks to microdermabrasion there is an updating of skin, already through several sessions new skin completely replaces old. Hems are leveled. Consider that after polishing it is impossible to visit sunbeds and on the beach it is worth refusing suntan approximately for about two months.

More radical method is treatment by means of the laser. the Essence of this way that old layers of skin with the subsequent regeneration are eliminated. Owing to such influence skin is tightened, and hems become invisible to an eye. Such treatment is considered very effective.

And absolutely only the plastic surgery will help to get rid of extensions, probably. But it is already serious measures which not each woman will venture. Fight against extensions is hard, it is impossible to be limited in any one way. To achieve desirable result try as much as possible means, combine methods, visit salons, consult on experts and trust in the forces. But you should not go in cycles in extensions, eventually, it not so important too. Remember that you are beautiful!