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How to present Japan to darling? My tender and gentle geishas

the Statement of stylists about dive of popularity of the Japanese style and a simple charm of ours homebrew April surely will help to bring refined east note in the relations with the girlfriend. The cost intensity is minimum, and as at magic nailing effect - beats for a long time and seriously. Sometimes for the rest of life.

Reckless guys seconds do not hesitate with similar experiment. You are such? Therefore call the darling and invite to evening of the Saying goodbye Sun Or the Late April Kiss (it so, preparations on a case of crisis of a genre, and in fact - is thought out independently )

For strengthening of cumulative effect is good to be studied or thought up a hokku in the subject . Such inconsistent, but sensual tercets reflecting mood. They are said slowly, with the eye turned in soul. In the and in nearby being, related.

The necessary material requisite is simple to ridiculous. It is bought in one place (in a nearby supermarket, with its one thousand trifles) and includes the following:

Oriental cherry. to Florets in the enameled salad cups, in a corner of shop, about - it is very far to an Oriental cherry charm. However any woman cannot resist a charm of snowdrops. Surprisingly but happiness bunch, in fact, here it. Costs a trifle and smells of cucumbers

of the Hokku in a subject (it is given with a bouquet):

did not manage to take away hands,

As already a breeze spring

Lodged in a green sprout

the Gadget. Can otmakhatsya, of course, by the fact that you the real boar should not understand at all to what kofteets what busik. Correctly! Only if to make effort, to easily remember that all filmstars give to the ladies a bizha from whom that are clapped in enthusiastic faints.

the Secret is simple: choose something universal. Long actual string of artificial pearls or thin silver bracelet. It is very heavy to girl to let go the first (to the touch pleasantly very much, the truth!), and the second can be carried also on a leg, summer soon .

of the Hokku in a subject (it is given with a knickknack):

Ring and shine.

of the Graceful casket an interior -

Grows dim under your look

Tea. Tea of our person you will not frighten. Unlike sushi, which very and very on the fan (expensively and badly clear, in what a divine charm of this piece). And here it is possible to surprise with tea - very much even.

Approach to tea nonconventional: you buy not a habitual kirpichuzhny pack with taste of a bath broom, and, having a little moved eyes, you find a box with Fujiyama, or some amusing tea " name; Drakonova of an eyelash (by the way, thing!)

A! In the evening when tea is ready, it is better to hide liter mugs. If there are small identical cups, it is better to use them (only to rinse previously that the mummy of a fruit moth or a scrap of greyish dusty substance did not come up)

of the Hokku in a subject (it is given after tea drinking):

the Teapot fell asleep on a table,

Lulled by whisper

of Two

Bathing. By all means with salt or foam. Or both with that, and with another. It is desirable that all this smelled of some astounding exotic, like a jasmine or ilang - an ilanga. After the correct tea to the girl will already have no time for perfumery shades. And even if it will be simple foam for kids Utya and salt with the calming effect Taiga - the result will be positive. It is possible to start up a couple of ships from paper in a bathtub. Prostenko, with taste and the wonderful reference to origami

of the Hokku in a subject (it is given during water procedure): the reflection

In a pond the dragonfly uvidat


I the minx

Silk. In it, in principle, gently wrap darling, shining and fresh after a bathtub, and is had to a bedroom. Or it is not transferred. Goes itself, without letting go your palm Or transfers to a bedroom you on circumstances there.

As in the necessary amount of silk can not appear -

of the Hokku in a subject:

Hide, how in a nest,

Here, at me on a breast,

the Wet swallow

What to add?

In Japan in the middle of the spring blossoms an Oriental cherry. And it means that if courageous and impudent are helped by Destiny, then in love and cheerful - Spring. Fall in love and dare!