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How to make the Alpine hill on the site?

to One of the most fascinating elements of your garden can become the Alpine hill. In Europe such kind of landscaping appeared rather recently, but already won great popularity. There passed those times when hills constructed from construction debris, hastily powdered with the earth, randomly planting plants. Now approach to a construction of the Alpine hill in our country became more professional.

A mountain landscape even if tiny, cannot leave indifferent. The stone hill correctly issued, proportional to a site by all means will become the favourite place in your garden. To build a rock garden on the site, it is not obligatory to resort to services of the expert at all, let`s try to make her by own efforts.

for this purpose to us it will be required by

to b: stone (sandstone, granite or limestone is the best of all), peat, sand, the cespitose earth, scrap, shovel, plants and the most important - desire to work and excellent mood. And the result will definitely not disappoint you.

So, it is the best of all to start a rock garden construction in the fall. Though if there is a strong wish, it is possible to try all work to do in the spring. For a start needs to estimate a relief of your site. It is very good if there are slopes or heights, this place best of all will be suitable for creation of a stone hill. Otherwise it is necessary to work. Carefully choose the place. It is very important to arrange a hill on well lit, looked through place. Should not place a rock garden near high trees or large constructions, in - the first, they will create a shadow, in - the second, the hill can seem near them too small, not large-scale.

Preparation of the place will become the following step. exempt Earth from weeds and loosen. After that it is necessary to lay expanded clay, crushed stone or gravel in the basis to prevent a moisture congestion. From above it is the best of all to fill up a drainage with sand or pebble, and then a small layer of the paved way. Further it will be possible to start laying of a stone. At first stack the largest stones, then smaller. Try to avoid monotony, it is possible to experiment with a color (if you chose granite) or with a form. Some stones can be scattered chaotically around a hill. The main thing that it looked naturally, and the end result was pleasing to the eye. Stamp intervals between stones the earth and crushed stone. Make sure that stones are not unsteady.

In completion of work at this stage it is necessary to cover a hill with earth. Standard structure of the soil: peat, sand and the cespitose earth in equal proportions. To this earth we will plant plants.

In such look it is necessary to leave a hill till spring, and in the spring to start planting of plants . Their quantity and the range - business of your taste, but are certain rules which need to be followed. Consider that Alpine plants quite whimsical also demand leaving. Very first it is necessary to plant bushes (boxes, coniferous), after that to put grassy types, and in completion of a picture it is possible to place pochvopokrovny plants. Here besides everything depends on your imagination and taste. It is simple before to distribute bushes and flowers, find out as far as this or that plant is exacting to moisture and light what root system at it, as it behaves in relation to other plants. Try to distribute plantings so that they did not shade each other.

Following step by step these recommendations, you by all means will achieve desirable result. I am sure that this picturesque corner of a mountain landscape will please you not one year, and will become the most favourite place in your garden.

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