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What puzzle the most popular?

When at the end of 70 - x years the Hungarian young man to Erna invented the mechanism of turn of the party of a cube, and could come to nobody to mind that its new puzzle if it is possible so to speak, will turn a side world masses - cultures. In 1981 the cube Ern Rubika called by his name was put on mass production. The Soviet industry, usually sluggish to new fashions, in 2 years according to the license VNR began to stamp millions six-color cubes - rubik .

Right after emergence of a cube of Rubik in the USSR mass insanity on an unusual puzzle began. The youth for days without a break was crammed and developed algorithms of fast assembly. School students behind school desks wrinkled foreheads not from the solution of a task, and from - for difficulties to collect the third, most difficult layer of the cube hidden behind the textbook. A little in what yards did not collect rubik for a while, and those boys who with enviable constancy showed no more than three minutes was held in huge respect. Masters - rubist could blindly could turn correctly collected rubik into an unimaginable pattern or national flags on sides, reached only as a prayer top - the front - left - the front . And only greenhorns not comprehended secrets of layer-by-layer assembly, tried to collect a puzzle by means of the screw-driver why sometimes on all apartment square detalk rolled, and the furniture, portfolios and notebooks dazzled from bright nakleechek from not screwed together cubes.

On pleasure to speculators cubes of the Hungarian production at once became deficiency, and the puzzles costing in shop on 4. 50, appeared in the black market for 10, even for 20 rubles, - it made a half of the minimum old-age pension. It seems improbable - in the country where everything was impregnated moral substance and fight against all western, so bourgeois and ideologically alien even in the general scientific journal Science and life since the beginning 80 - x years regularly printed assembly formulas (designations clear only to inveterate sobiralshchik), the whole theories of assembly undersigned, and on a cover flaunted some mezona or black " cherries; - the patterns on Rubik`s cube which are thought up and collected by readers of the magazine. Since 1985 the serial animated film " began to appear; Rubik`s Cube and even in children`s telefairy tales it was possible to see the character with Rubik in hands.

Of course, after well-known Games in 15 (so-called tag ) Rubik`s cube was the most popular in the world, and in particular - in the USSR, a puzzle (and the interest in old games it seems " will hardly be compared; tag with that deafening boom which Rubik`s puzzle did). And all - - in what secret of the cube usual in appearance consisting of twenty four elements and the six-axis hinge? Can - in enormous quantity of versions of provisions (and them, according to calculations of scientists, many kvintilliona)? Or the paradoxicality of parallel and perpendicular turns demented young people? Perhaps, and it took place. And all - the attracting secret of a cube Rubika is not solved.

Something beckoned the Soviet youth in come from - for a hillock to a puzzle. In bright sides and infinity of options we as though saw something pure from any ideological tinsel. And something eternal, as constantly rotating cube sides