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Who such Michael Elig? And who such club monsters?

Michael Elig was an unusual child. In nine years he hammered together the first money. The sweets bought in the nearest shop were sold to schoolmates already in two prices. Parents often moved. Schoolmates often changed. The eightieth year dictated the terms, the family had to go to New - York. The world changed around. Habitual slow rate of life, mutated in over fast. The dirty punk was succeeded by the glamourous disco. And people did not fear these changes, on the contrary, they opened for all new. They were not afraid to be rich and well-known any more. Money, success, glory, glamour .

High New - York is high thoughts. Somehow Michael walked on his vain streets and understood, perhaps, the most important thing in the life. He understood that he does not want to live also as well as all. Existence of all these people, seemed to it gray and boring. The young provincial wanted to pour out more bright paint on the cloudy city. And suddenly he saw it! There, behind glass, in cafe through the road. At first it seems that it is a motley huge parrot. But then the reason prompts, in the nature there are no such birds. Yes, and a coffee cup with a morning paper to it to anything! It was James of Saint - James, the local club freak. The character the freak - show and the frequenter of the disco - clubs. Michael took courage and decided to get acquainted. Hi! My name is Michael Elig, and I want that you taught me to be irresistible! . James raised the made-up eyes with huge violet eyelashes - I have no time to teach any bumpkin!. I hurry! . He spoke somehow imposingly, kartinno, as before a lens. James took the small yellow briefcase with a black skull on a cover and defiled to an exit on very tall heels. It seemed, it represents the woman, the overdressed glamourous star. It was offensive for Michael, he did not expect so abrupt reply. But managed to swallow all this and ran after James.

The first parties organized by Michael Elig had no success. The owner of club gave the last chance. Then Michael went to bank. He was the born leader, it over - the intsiativnost often frightened his acquaintances. He decided to bring together around himself picturesque persons, the real freaks. Its purpose is a heart attack for elderly, shock for adults and a high for youth. In that, night, critical for it, the club was overflowed by people. Not for nothing he went all week on the city and distributed invitations to the most glamourous and pathos party of year. On invitation cards the name of the leader - " was entered; The Great and inimitable club monster - James Saint - James . Many knew this character and therefore came. Michael did not find time to ask James, he just wrote his name on the invitation. And then told: My dear James! You will conduct my party on Friday!. And if you do not come, then I will forget you when I become famous! .

The next morning Michael woke up well-known. The owner of club was tired to answer the phone calls. People asked when there takes place the next party of Michael Eliga. To the Nye - York was vzbalamuchen club mania. But Elig was not going to stop. Besides weekly performances in club, it began to organize unauthorized parties on all city. Roofs of skyscrapers, snack bars fast - foot, or a body of the huge long-distance truck driver perfectly were suitable for these needs. Even the police did not decide to touch these aliens . Really, who will contact the transvestite in a big suit of a yellow chicken, or the thin boy on platforms, in stockings, in pass also the drawn smile of the clown from an ear to an ear. Soon the television became interested in young party-goers with an uncertain sex and orientation.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Today in our show you will see the famous club children! It is just epidemic! Weigh New - York went crazy and wants to have fun from night to the morning! Welcome! Michael Elig and his club monsters! . On leather sofas of television show ten people, frame the freak - show, led by Michael and Saint - James took seat. They played the fool on the air, urged all to undress and shouted in the gold megaphone: Money, success, glory, glamour!!! . Michael looked as the waitress from a scooter - bar. On the head a black helmet, a topic, a short skirt, golfs and roller skates with four castors. Nearby James, in an image of the glamourous troll shone. Green hair, the drawn third eye and long false fingers with the twirled green nails. The rating of show rose to heaven. And familiar expression of Michael: If you have a hump - throw on it a few spangles and go to dance! - became a precept for judges of club culture.

Michael Elig is the person standing at the origins of all modern club culture. The first-ever person who thought up so-called, thematic parties. Father freaks and club characters. Nowadays concluded for drug trafficking in clubs. In it, unfortunately, it was the first too. It bloody Patya had huge success. Hundreds of party-goers in the uniform of nurses and nurses distributed to all drugs without recipe . In 2003 Michael Eliga was immortalized in the movie Club mania where the leading role was played by the young actor Macaulay Culkin. The movie well transfers the atmosphere of that time and those parties. Pet shop boys, Madonna, sex, clubs and full fearlessness before public opinion!