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How to pass examinations without stress?

First - to organize process of repetition on temporary cuts. In other words, it is necessary to develop the plan of classes in each of the weeks which remained before examinations, the day plan on the remained days and, at last, the hour plan. Following these provisional plans, it will be easy to track what managed to be made for each day of occupations.

If you sit down to a table with very indistinct purpose to be engaged a little in repetition you lose very important incentive - feeling of the fulfilled duty at achievement of a goal. Besides, the indistinct purpose makes dezorganiziruyushchy impact, at the first signs of fatigue you will feel a temptation to postpone occupations for later even if you managed to make very little.

Many students know when at them there comes the peak of the highest activity. To Larks it is worked best of all in the mornings, to owls - in the evenings. It is useful to plan in what objects you intend to be engaged during the periods of rise and recession peculiar to you. If you feel not in mood we recommend to begin occupations with the most interesting to you a subject, it will help to enter the working course.

Not always it is possible to avoid urgent cramming which can sometimes be necessary (especially when you are not sure of the knowledge). Despite the successful beginning, you can feel soon that in soul fears begin to creep in. In this case sharply get up, turn away for a short time from books, make several slow, deep breaths and exhalations and only then again an attack to business. Remember: surely you breathe slowly and deeply.

To give itself confidence, write on a word " card; to me it in power . Place a card so that you always had it before eyes. Surely do short, but regular breaks in occupations as the physical and intellectual fatigue can undermine your forces. During a break it is possible just to rise from - for a table, to walk several times on the room.

It is undesirable to resort to the help of stimulators: coffee, to strong tea or special preparations. Before examinations your nervous system in itself is on a platoon. The increased content of caffeine in an organism (especially under those conditions when you held on repetition of material to the last moment) can lead to the most unpleasant consequences - trembling of hands, dispersion of attention, concern and need of frequentation of a toilet.

Many students consider useful early in the morning in day of examination to see all material to refresh the major questions in memory. Having concentrated attention on the last repetition, do not neglect a breakfast. In day of examination it is necessary to try to eat for breakfast a little more than what you got used to.

you have to help your organism to sustain 2 - 3 hour mental loading. At examinations the brain works with bigger activity, than in usual days and therefore the organism needs additional energy resources.

There is one more major factor which students are not inclined to consider that, - time for the road to educational institution. It is quite obvious that the student knows how many on it it is necessary for time. It is surprising, however, that the most, apparently, usual actions get absolutely other coloring in days of examinations.

During this period many are in a condition of uneasiness, and it is possible to connect directly the increasing frequency of road incidents with such condition of examined. To be insured from possible unpleasant accidents, you leave the house earlier, than usually in days of study.

Here, at last, minute when you are invited to the room where there take place examinations comes... At you everything will turn out - to you it in power!