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How to prevent emergence of extensions?

Many women for certain faced such problem as extensions. Emergence them can be caused by various reasons, one of of which pregnancy is. Hormonal splash in total with excessive stretching of skin often leads to emergence of pink or violet hems on a stomach, a breast and hips. After a while they brighten, sometimes become almost imperceptible and nevertheless bring to women the mass of inconveniences and experiences.

In due time and I faced this problem. But the lack of information, my youth and levity led to the fact that I was not engaged in prevention of extensions in time. As a result - several strips on a breast which brought me a great lot of trouble. And consequences happen also much more considerable. Here therefore I also address now first of all future mothers: try to prevent emergence of extensions on skin because will be to get rid from already available very much and very difficult.

Quite often I heard opinion that extensions are hereditary, and here no prevention will help. However I hold that opinion that all is better to make depending on you, than then to be whipping the cat, regretting for the missed time. And the easiest ways of the prevention of emergence of extensions will definitely not be injurious to your health, even on the contrary. So, what ways are?

1. Healthy and balanced nutrition . In - the first, you watch that in days you used not less than 2 liters of liquid. In - the second, reduce amount of carbohydrates, salt and sugar. Include proteinaceous dishes, seafood, and also fruit and vegetables in a diet.

2. Do not allow sharp changes of weight , it will inevitably lead to emergence of extensions.

3. Massage by means of a brush or a masseur is quite effective , it is possible to do it in soul.

4. Cosmetics. can Begin their application even before pregnancy. It is the best of all to use special creams or oils which part vitamins A, E, C, collagen, elastin are. During pregnancy skin often becomes dry, it needs moistening. It is possible even to use the simple not refined olive oil, it will perfectly replace many expensive means. The light massage of skin with olive oil yields quite good result.

5. Essential oils are applied also (compresses, bathtubs), it is possible to try mud wrappings, a contrast shower, solar bathtubs or suntan in a sunbed.

6. It is important to choose a bra correctly. It has to be from natural fabric, with wide shoulder-straps, has to correspond to the size, not constrain a breast and raise it a little. The main thing that to you it was comfortable, it is necessary to carry it, almost without removing.

7. Your doctor for certain will advise to carry a bandage , listen to it. In - the first, the bandage unloads a backbone and a waist, in - the second, supports a stomach, thereby, reducing risk of emergence of extensions.

8. You should not neglect also physical exercises .

Of course to say that similar preventive actions will absolutely save you from extensions I cannot. But a positive effect by all means will be . Surely consult to the expert, only he will be able competently to pick up a complex of the means and procedures suitable you.

If, despite everything the made efforts, on your skin appeared these unpleasant hems, do not despair! And with them it is possible and it is even necessary to fight, however, efforts should be trebled. The medicine does not stand still, there are all new and new ways to get rid of extensions or to make them less noticeable. But it is already, perhaps, a subject for separate article which by all means will follow.

If you love yourself, then care for the organism, keep the beauty and charm!