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Where there is Ararat?

A few years ago the Yerevan cognac plant seriously intended to enter with the production the Turkish market. In principle, apparently, it is logical: with whom to trade how not with the direct neighbor? However it did not turn out. The institute of licensing of Turkey forbade the Armenian company to export the production to the country. The enterprise filed a lawsuit the claim of Ankara. The court rejected the claim. The Turkish mass media then reported: the judgment is caused by the fact that on a label of production Mount Ararat is represented by . According to the judge, it could mislead the consumer, which can think that Mount Ararat is in Armenia .

The question did not receive a final decision yet. In any case, the administration of the Yerevan cognac plant reminds that the " trademark; Ararat exclusively belongs to it, and declares the determination to protect the rights for it anywhere.

There is such history. Once again proving: as if business tried to separate from policy, it turns out not always and not everywhere. In this case tried to cover with care of the Turkish consumers the irritation which is regularly breaking at our neighbors on that side of Araks when the speech comes about questions on which their positions are not so strong. Of course, today Mount Ararat is in the territory of Turkey, in the field of Akhra - Igdir. But this majestic top from time immemorial remains sacred for any Armenian where he lived - from Edmonton to Melbourne. Genetic memory of an ancestral home is so from generation to generation stored and transferred. There`s nothing to be done.

Also the ark in the seventh month, in the seventeenth day of month, on the mountains Araratskiikh " stopped; (Life, hl. 8, 4 abated). So narrates the Old Testament about end of one of the most dramatic periods in the history of mankind - the Flood sent by the Lord on the earth to clear it of the people who stagnated in a sin. (In principle, those prevail during any era, isn`t it? - A. G.) . Escaped - besides on God`s command - only the righteous person Noy with the family and the representatives of an animal and flora taken aboard an ark. Scientists still argue - the ark, whether on this Ararat or somewhere in other place stopped where exactly?

I happened to talk repeatedly on this subject to one of initiators of the Armenian telejournalism Konstantin Rubbed - Oganesyan (nowadays, unfortunately, already late). He did not doubt that Noah`s Ark still is on Ararat. We are the primogenitor Noya`s descendants , he claimed. In the last years of life To. Rubbed - Oganesyan created public organization Day of rescue also insisted that put on July 17 - which is mentioned in the Bible - it is necessary to approve officially as Day of rescue and revival of the Armenian people and to note as a national holiday. However, the idea then did not find a response from the Armenian authorities.

Unambiguously I will not undertake to claim (though it would be very desirable), however it is quite possible that Noah`s Ark remains still are on Ararat covered with eternal snow. However, in comparison with the Himalaya eight-chiliarches its height - 5165 m above sea level - look rather modestly. But it actually is the highest mountain of the world. Surpassing in this indicator even Chomolungma and Kanchenjunga. The matter is that the absolute height of Ararat, that is height from the bottom to top, reaches 5 thousand meters whereas at gimalayets this height does not exceed 3 thousand meters: the general 8500 m are concerning sea level.

I will afford one more personal retreat: the gray-haired giant played the most direct role in improvement of my young organism. In preschool years I, am remembered, did not utter the letter r very being nervous about it and being exposed to sneers in the yard (that, in turn, conducted to a showdown in the traditional domestic ways). Logopedists and just knowing people strongly recommended to repeat an introduction: On the Mount Ararat large " grapes grow;. I trained, so to speak, all day long. Rrrrrr... And very much even helped. Then I did not know yet that there are no grapes on Ararat and cannot be. Because the surface of the bible mountain which is an extinct volcano is extremely dry: thawed glacial snow are quickly absorbed in porous volcanic breeds. What, of course, does not promote violence of the nature. And not to the person this, perhaps, eternity that reigns here.

A massif Ararat (the Turkish name - Agra - Dag, Persian - Koch - and - nukh) consists of two cones of extinct volcanoes which merged the bases: Big Ararat 5165 m high and Small Ararat, which height - 3925 m. They are divided by Sardar - the Bulaksky saddle. In the massif there are about 30 glaciers, length of the largest of which - Saint Yakov`s glacier exceeds 2 kilometers. According to some data, till 1840 on a slope of the mountain there was St. Yakov`s monastery, but it was destroyed by an earthquake.

The snow-covered bulk of the mountain really hangs over the Armenian capital. It seems - here it, to give Ararat, only a hand A majestic show, especially in clear cloudless morning. Even more amazing look opens through Charents`s Arch (the architect is Rafael Israelyan), on the way to the Geghard Monastery known which is cut down in the rock since the 5th century. And absolutely fantastic show is guaranteed at the monastery Chorus - Virap who is located near the border with Turkey, that is is very close to Ararat. This monastery is connected with a name of the Catholicos Gregory the Enlightener by which efforts Armenia adopted Christianity in 301 g Will be in Armenia - by all means visit these regions.

Many sought to ascend to top of Big Ararat. On Russian (more precisely, still Soviet) to sources, the first such ascension was made in 1829 by the Russian scientist and the physician Friedrich - Johann Parrot. Then he headed department of physics in Derptskom (nowadays - Tartu) university; it rose by top together with four students of the same university, one of whom was future classic of the Armenian literature Khachatur Abovyan. In 1845 the famous Russian geologist Mr. Abikh, and in 1880 - the general Hodzko who directed a so-called Caucasian triangulation rose by top of Big Ararat (one of methods of the geodetic shooting applied during the topographical works so is called). Further Ararat was visited repeatedly. Its top was visited by representatives of several countries. Including from Armenia. Among them there was a president of the American university of Armenia, the native of Beirut Arutyun Armenyan. This mountain - our past, in it is concentrated grief of centuries, - he says. - And it is not just geographical point. We rose to a " symbol;.

On one of legends, three tsars - a giant protect from creation of the world Caucasus: Elbrus, Kazbek and sacred Mount Ararat. Armenians considered this one of the most amazing, mystical and powerful mountains on Earth as the greatest symbol of the country at all times. Ararat was represented on the coat of arms of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. Speak, in due time the Turkish side as if expressed a protest about it: why supposedly Armenia placed the mountain which does not belong to it on the coat of arms? The answer, this, according to the same version, the Foreign Commissar Chicherin, was is as follows: And why on a flag of Turkey the half moon is placed? The moon does not belong to it " too;. The independent Republic of Armenia refused the Soviet heraldry, but kept Ararat. And it is already added with Noah`s Ark.

A few years ago in the shadow of Ararat stars of world cinema Charles Aznavour and Christopher Plummer met. They took part in shooting Ararat famous Canadian director, Armenian by origin Atom Egoyan. Some kind of movie in the movie narrating about creation of the modern film epos about the Armenian Holocaust - genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey which peak fell on 1915 turned out. Ararat it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, did then to many noise. Talk on it does not cease and now.

There is a belief: if it is possible to see Ararat in all its beauty in the morning - means, day will develop successfully. All erevanets, even far from superstitions try to bring it to themselves in an asset. The mountain is well visible - means, the friend nearby

A with the good friend, as they say, and mountains can be turned!