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As the tradition " was born; Round table ?

at the time of the wild and not sustained in the sanitary relation Middle Ages at the British king Artur served fighters - contract employees. They are Knights without fear and reproach.

Diplomacy as art, at that time was developed worse than ever therefore knights were wound on war as on potato. For the king, for the fatherland, for the Lord`s coffin, for lovely ladies, - the benefit, an occasion to find was short. From war came back years through five - seven, tolerably scribbling in some Mauritian language, with the cart of an overseas junk and the broken mentality.

Knights should meet, give to drink, be not to angered and somewhat quicker to think out, where still to send them until they here all broke. Then also the idea " was born; Round Table - a royal feast with especially caused a stir in the last campaign. Without excessive pomp, court ladies and boring minstrels. Only king and a little bit heroes. Here, on the Round table, it was possible to ventilate army moods, to tell the latest news of Britain, to wear out about the abroad and to think up together, is far farther

In truly men`s company King Arthur remembered that he in youth was a soldier too, sang songs about not waited little girl and, having put on on someone`s is courageous - the shaggy head the crown, proposed a toast for kings of this evening . The monarch was seated, returned symbols of the power and, eventually, arrived at idea that Artur is the cool, simple and not greedy man, though the king. For the next day, having tapped of him on the shoulder, knights already rushed in the next fights, and the king, overcoming a headache, read Aristotelean Polities in particular, and did not suspect those chapters where the Athenian democracy by

the Legendary king who left for blessed Avalon is in detail described that round-table discussions will find such popularity. Another thing is that the range of the offered subjects for discussion significantly extended and departed from baizes about dragons and strategic offers on capture of Jerusalem.

The civilization and public way prevail. Today subjects of the Round Table, as a rule, include some extensive problem on which it is possible to make some global recommendations. Participants, in principle, the same. This is, without fail, the authority as the modest leader - the moderator and it is faultless - the public fearless (ideally) - with the long list of the victories won in the course of rescue of the world.

Well prepared, sustained and competently served - Round Table represents beautiful, healthy and quite digestible action. Its consequences develop into brisk interesting dialogue, and the participants inspired by results begin, already routinely, to agree about new meetings (but do not take out in a uniform rush of a door, aspiring on air). If so it also is - probably, it is possible to pass to more irregular culinary shapes of democratic interactions: to civil forums, discussions Open space to debate, cafe scientific, - yes you never know gastronomic (democratic?) a delicacy since the Middle Ages thought up mankind!