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How to have a heart-to-heart talk with the parrot?

Rrrimochka is a krrrasavitsa! - sitting on a shoulder of the hostess, the wavy popugaychik pats wings and tycht a beak to Rimmochkina a cheek. Really he also is capable to have a tender affection, and understands that he speaks?

- Rrrimochka, kastorrrochka! - the parrot Rudik cracks jokes. - Kastorrrochka drrryan!

the Lexicon at Rudik still that. Abbreviation - Rimma says. Rudik with inspiration picks up and the word, mysterious for it, begins to rehash in every possible way this. Abracadabra - I provoke. Rudik, having faltered for a second, gives really nightingale trill. - And you know what song at it favourite? Aleksandryna from Pesniary .

the Parrot even cannot stop delight at the mention of an old pesnyarsky hit and jumps on a sofa back, squatting, jumping up: Aleksandrrra - y - Ng! Really he understands everything?

- I do not know, - Rimma shrugs shoulders. - But we with it quite often stir heart-to-heart.

- Rrrimochka of a prrrav! - Rudik confirms and again by a beak it tychtsya in a hozyaykina a cheek.

Ability of parrots to reproduce the human speech, bark of a dog, miaow of a cat is known since ancient times. But it does not mean that all representatives of birds of this look are equally masterly in an onomatopoeia. Cockatoos, the macaw, wavy popugaychik are considered as the most talkative (as Rudik). And if people have a chatter - female talent, then at parrots, on the contrary, males shine with eloquence most often. But if you have couple of popugaychik bought in pet-shop, and the seller swore, that they telling, only to teach, - will not wait: couple will be occupied only with each other and the popugaysky affairs and will not wish to communicate with you not for all the tea in China. To speak from there is nothing to do begin only singles. But, of course, not all.

How to teach a parrot to speak? It is unlikely at the copy acquired in pet-shop language will already appear it is suspended . At first it is necessary to make friends with the pet, to accustom to sit down on a hand, on a shoulder. The relations with a bird should be built on trust: show more goodwill, you speak quietly and tenderly, do not frighten the new settler of your apartment by the sharp movements, loud sounds. Let the bird will accustom at first at herself to a cage, establish short flights of stairs, a swing there. Cleaning a cage, pouring a forage, observe how the pet reacts to you. If, let out from a cage, itself begins to look for with you contact, eats from your hand - means, got used and it is possible to begin training.

Parrots like to whistle. And you answer it with whistle. If you are familiar with technology of art whistle, can teach the favourite to whistle fragments from arias. At the beginning you have to imitate sounds which are made by a parrot, and then and he will begin to imitate you. Begin with monosyllables, especially parrots like the hissing sounds and the letter r . Cheese, sphere, tea, rice Never you shout, do not raise the voice not to frighten the pet. Your winged pupil is how attentive, it is possible to determine by the blinked eyes and the raised cop.

It is noticed that wavy popugaychik are famous for a rich lexicon, remembering up to 200 words. But do not think that your pupil will remember everything and at once. Here the patience and a continuity of training is very important. Beginning, throwing, success not to achieve. There are very constraining birds: the person is not answered, but having retired, indulge and are capable to stir for hours for own pleasure. Young people, aged till 3 - 4 years, a birdie give in to training better.

For lessons determine time: or morning before feeding, or evening before going to bed. Do not tire a bird, for communication and training there will quite be enough minutes of twenty. At the same time nobody has to rustle, it is not necessary that radio or the TV were turned on, or there were other factors distracting pupil .

Experts say that it is the best of all parrots perceive a high pitched voice, so, training will go more successfully if statement of the speech the feathery friend the woman will be engaged. It is good when the teacher - one, but not a little, the bird gets used to a certain voice, a timbre quicker, than to several at once. If the parrot lives in a family, he is usually more sociable, it is better it is intellectually developed imitates voices of both adults, and children, and even what hears on the TV. But here the young bird practically does not take out foreign people and does not speak with unfamiliar. Only over the years some individuals find virtuosity and taste to performances on public.

- Rrrudik - an arrrtist! - Rimmochkin the friend otrekomendovyvatsya so.

Such actor, that imitates both noise of the vacuum cleaner, and a mobile phone call! And to sit on a shoulder at the hostess and to whisper her on an ear any tendernesses is something from God! You do not trust? Try to get a popugaychik. Suddenly and at it thanks to your love and attention such talents will reveal that all people around will be surprised:

- Well really it understands everything?