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What stores the fisher`s box? (My advice to beginners)

the Beginning fisherman. The most cheerful and interesting time, when still new, and each word skilled fishermen it is perceived as revelation. So, you were invited to fishing. What to take with itself in a notorious fishing box?

Of course if you are not constrained in money, the issue is resolved simply. You come into the nearest shop (large) and you buy up everything that was pleasant. To sense from it, of course, will not be, but derive pleasure enormous. On a question why will not be to sense, the answer simple. It is possible to use not all tackles at once, without the corresponding preparation. And do not forget - all that you buy, to bear to you.

I will give several advice, but keep in mind that I am not an expert, and my councils are based on experience, we only wash, and anybody`s it is more.

We will begin with clothes . By the way, conversation at us will go only about summer fishing. I do not love winter! Therefore about winter fishing let those who go to it tell. So, clothes. As showed my sorties, nothing is cleverer than a camouflage did not think up yet. Suits are inexpensive, strong and convenient. Standing - berets (military high boots). Boots are not so convenient if you are not going to get into the water. But on the first fishing, I think, such victim from you will not be required. Surely a headdress - either a hat, or a baseball cap as it is pleasant to whom.

Backpack. Thing optional, but very convenient and practical. It is convenient at least that hands remain free, and in them it is possible to bear rods.

Rods. For the first fishing I would not advise you to buy expensive fishing-rods, and especially spinnings (if only you do not go specially to learn to catch to a spinning). There is quite enough 4 - 5 - ti a meter fishing-rod with rings. Depending on your purse, the price can fluctuate from 200 to 1500 rubles. Here already everything depends on your personal addictions. Easy or heavy, long or short in folded form, - on a catch, especially the first, it will not affect in any way. Special rounds or the soldered companies which go for specific fish can make an exception. But then they will warn you what tackle to take. And on usual fishing to you the fishing-rod which I advised suffices. It is connected with the fact that, without possessing skill of throwing, you just will not manage to master longer fishing-rod for one fishing, and shorter, on the contrary, can not give you chance to hook fish. Not on all reservoirs convenient approaches to water, and a grass or stones will prevent you - with a short fishing-rod - to get a catch.

Coil. Here opinions disperse. Someone considers that it is better to take good, expensive coil at once, and others, on the contrary, advise to begin with the cheapest. My practice showed that golden mean - an optimal variant. It is better to take the coil at the price of 400 - 700 rubles. In this price row quite good, sound coils which will hardly bring you. The choice here big and not to get confused, just consult with the seller, having explained to him where and to what fish you will go. It will pick up. Personally I use for a rod coils the COBRA, and they did not bring me yet.

Scaffold. Depending on to what fish you are going to go, and should take a scaffold. Consult at the seller better. But on float tackle I personally put 0,18 or 0,12 depending on fish to whom I go.

Floats. the Subject very extensive, and here everything will depend only on you. Try, experiment, a float under You will be able to pick up only on a reservoir therefore try to take for a start several pieces different in a form and weight. The same in relation to hooks . For a start take a set where there are hooks of the different sizes. Remember what on a reservoir it is better work also you will take further already these hooks separately. Still it will be necessary for you of a sinker . They can be taken for a start in a set too.

Well, here we also collected the fisher`s box for the beginner. Neither tail to you, nor scales!