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How to become free? On a drop squeezing out from itself the slave!

Freedom - concept thin and imperceptible. It is rather a feeling for which the person without whom he cannot live strives (remember history). Our life is arranged so that we since the childhood become dependent on different circumstances, people and things. And to call itself rather free nobody will be able. Let`s begin a kaplevydavlivaniye of own slave.

Drop the first. It is possible to call the person the slave when he does not accept, does not love himself for the fact that he just is such one and only. In life there is no everything only black or only white. Life is different, multi-colored, bright. We change, and at a difficult moment we have to support, caress, encourage ourselves, and victorious hour not to consider natural. To victories rejoice. Admire winners (not everything, the truth).

Drop the second. The dependent person does that order him. Therefore, it works 1) without pleasure and 2) for others. In such order. In any even the most difficult, tiresome, unpleasant business it is possible to contribute a share of the participation which will bring pleasure. And when we do something creatively, we begin to work on ourselves and we move ahead to freedom.

Drop the third. In the world there are a lot of things which subordinate us to themselves. I will list some: TV, soft sofa, advertizing, senseless computer games. We have to fight against these slave fluids constantly. To choose: to undergo their delusion or to make useful business for itself and others. Very many benefits of a civilization do not release the person at all, and enslave him, do by the civilized slave. The free person can make the choice because he knows for what why and how many he will watch TV, advertizing, to play computer games, to lie on a sofa.

Drop the fourth (most bitter). The great Russian person Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin told somehow: The Person is lazy and uninteresting . From all internal defects dooming the person to slavery, these most difficult curable. The aspiration to learn new, to open this world for too many stops behind a threshold of school or higher education institution. We calm down on reached. We begin to think that all is already known to us. Ahead equal professional way. Were tired to study long ago and for a long time. In many respects it is a merit of parents and school. Both and from another (as regrettably to realize it) we seek to be exempted from that, in the majority, somewhat quicker. Here - that everything also begins. To be free, the person has to know and be able a lot of things. That nobility and be able, it is necessary to be curious and not to be lazy. The academician Pavlov who physiology on himself studied lives up to the last minute is remembered, and English began to study in 80 years.

Drop the fifth and the last. The free person listens to himself and seeks to do only what is pleasant to him. And in general, the free person from the slave is distinguished by ability to think, express the thoughts, to follow them and to change constantly on the way to self-improvement.