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How to carry out a hardening of children? Air bathtubs of

All children are very sensitive to a lack of fresh air. Being a long time in badly aired rooms, they become sluggish, irritable, sleep badly, at many appetite vanishes. In order to avoid all are listed above illnesses, caring about health of kids, it is necessary to carry out air bathtubs.

It is possible to begin any procedures for the child`s hardening only provided that the child is healthy. The first time is recommended to submit the newborn child for walk for 15 - 20 minutes at a temperature not below 10 - 15 C to the place protected from wind and to gradually increase walk time till three o`clock (on 1 hour 3 times a day).

The correct skin breath and a good metabolism requires systematic contact of skin of the child with air. Walks on air are an obligatory type of a hardening of newborn children.

If the child was born in a warm season, then walks can be begun in 2 - 3 days after the birth, it is desirable in warm, windless weather.

In the summer, in good weather, the child can be on air the whole day. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the child constantly was in a headdress and was not on the open sun.

If the child was born in the winter, then walks begin with monthly age of the baby (it is possible earlier, but according to the recommendation of the doctor). Walk duration on the street has to make about 15 minutes in the beginning, then it is gradually possible to increase it till two o`clock and to carry out, whenever possible, twice a day.

The dream is simply necessary for children for health in the open air. In the winter of kids it is recommended to stack on air in wadded or fur overalls. The children prepared for low temperatures aged till one year can be stacked on air at a temperature of-10 - 12 C. After a dream the child has to have a good mood, appetite, a flush on cheeks, warm hands and legs.

Doctors attach important significance to air bathtubs. It is recommended to accustom the child to them from the moment of an extract from maternity hospital. In the beginning it is necessary to increase gradually time when the child between swaddlings is undressed. Air temperature in the room can fluctuate within 22 - 24 C. It is possible to increase duration of procedure for 1 - 2 minutes each three days, as a result time of carrying out this procedure has to make 15 - 20 minutes. Air bathtubs it is possible to carry out 2 times a day.

The wide circulation was found by svetovozdushny bathtubs (in the open air in a shadow) - them usually begin with two-month age. Children about one year in windless weather are recommended to carry out such bathtubs at air temperature to shadows of 22 - 23 C, and for children years - to 18 - 20 C are more senior.

Svetovozdushny bathtubs cannot be carried out on an empty stomach or right after food. The best time for carrying out these bathtubs in southern latitudes is the period from 8 to 11 o`clock, in a midland from 9 to 13 h, and in the north from 11 to 13 h

the Hardening the sun is carried out in the form of the general or local solar bathtubs. Stay on the sun has to be dosed. Non-compliance with this rule can lead to burns, vomiting, disorder of appetite and a dream.

It is necessary to start solar bathtubs in good weather, at a temperature in a shadow not less than 16 C. Such bathtubs are not recommended to children till two years. It is necessary to prepare for application of solar bathtubs of the child, for this purpose within a week it is necessary to take svetovozdushny baths, and only after that to begin to apply solar.

They are carried out as follows:

1. Lay the child legs to the sun and cover the head with a towel or the Panamanian.

2. Overturn it from a back sideways, then on a stomach, then on other side each 5 minutes.

The maximum duration of a solar bathtub for children from 2 - x to 4 - x makes years 20 minutes, and children of advanced age - 40 minutes.

At good tolerance in a midland these bathtubs can be continued to 2 - x months. This procedure is contraindicated to sick children.

Applying any procedures for a hardening, do not forget to watch closely reaction of the child. Listen to his desires and feelings. Never force to do the child something against his will, reasoning the actions with the fact that it is useful. The advantage will be only if there is a pleasure in soul of the kid. Caring about health of the treasure, do not do much harm to it. Small children know better that it is necessary for them. Ask them - they will prompt to you. You love and protect each other. Health to you and your children.