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In what work of the hospital attendant of a morgue or Where the dead learn live consists?

So are got - if the person died in hospital or clinic if he died under the obscure circumstances, then his body appears in a morgue. However, a morgue, dead - words which are used in use. On - scientific it is called patomorfologichesky office.

A lot of things change in our life, but the residual principle of financing of medicine did not disappear anywhere. If to speak about patomorfologichesky service, then this residual principle extends to it doubly - give what will remain from more essential the directions in medicine. And it is important to clinical physician to know as far as his diagnosis was exact, treatment was how adequately chosen. Results of opening - the most reliable statistical material.

At everything at the same time among other health services pathoanatomical - the poorest. Only hospital attendants of a morgue yes their assistants live here freely, and oh as rather well-to-do. In Soviet period officially their salary was 90 rubles; something similar and now, well certainly, taking into account present standards of price. Not densely... What normal person for such money will carry out all working day to the companies of dead men? But these places are distributed for ten years ahead. Of course, if the present health care exists so long.

The uncle Lyosha was a hospital attendant of a morgue in clinic where I worked hard years ago. In its almost undivided possession there was a building of a morgue and the platform at an entrance. The relations with the uncle Lyosha at me developed friendly. In the winter when swept together snow snowdrifts, he allowed me to put the car on the cleared-away platform before a morgue. And even looked after it that boys did not misbehave. Took out a water bucket in the summer - to wash the car. Openings in clinic were seldom: two times a week. Free time at the uncle Lyosha was the car. Therefore for all given help I was forced to listen patiently to stories about its hard work from a zhmurikama as he was expressed.

On the uncle Lyosha entirely there was a draft work: to transfer corpses, to wash them, to sew up bodies after opening, to clean a section table, tools and just to wash the floors in a morgue. But this work not bad fed the uncle Lyosha that he, however, also did not hide. The doctor of science could envy his income. Voluntary gifts of the family at delivery of a body (and it is work of the hospital attendant of a morgue too) - a minimum quarter. Tradition...

Since then there passed many years. I met the uncle Lyosha absolutely by chance. Waited for a suburban electric train on a platform, slightly at some distance on a bench the elderly man whiled away time. Unexpectedly he called to me. Having looked narrowly, I recognized the uncle Lyosha.

- I bought giving here, - the uncle Lyosha after handshake and greetings said. - I am engaged in a kitchen garden, a garden... And at work all in openwork, normalyok. When delivery of a body, now couple of thousands in a day runs. Inflation, - he shortly explained. - But you know me, I do not ask this money - give. And nobody envies us, - the uncle Lyosha added, obviously meaning all the estate. - As they say, payment on work. We have market orders, consider, always were. Well, sometimes, and nothing is given - pathological greed, the stress when the person is deafened by a grief is more often. But I do not hint them: greedy it is useless and when the person not of itself - it is guilty. The manager our of a patomorfologiya, of course, understands that I solid weldings have. But in this business, both it was not put earlier, and now does not climb. On figs? To it that it is necessary - that the order was in a morgue that it is pure that relatives zhmurik did not complain. And at me, itself you know, - all culturally. Here on a wheelbarrow of money saved, - Lesh`s uncle repeated. - I remember, you in Latin spoke earlier about we wash economy: place, where dead...

- Well: Hick locus... - this place where the dead learn live, - it was helped by me.

- You meant science. But leaves, the dead also support. In this place... - thoughtfully the uncle Lyosha said. - Here suggest to pass into other morgue. There the night hospital attendant it is possible. It will be easier. At us not as at grave-diggers - dug on depth of one and a half meter, and from the screw. Opening on Shora and is full of everything. Also it is unsafe: you will be cut on opening or when a corpse you sew up - then hepatitis, and now in addition also AIDS., before New year my workmate with hepatitis was month in hospital... And here still the refrigerator did not work four days. You represent what plowing? You will not wish to the enemy. Da Bog with them, with money! About eternal it is time to think, age.

- The uncle Lyosha, maybe, you began to believe in God?

- Not, I not on a cemetery serve...

Questions of whether dead men dream at night, whether its nightmares, I to the uncle Lyosha never torment strutters. Not that person uncle Lyosha, nevertheless on fleet served. And on myself I know: the person to everything gets used, to death too. And work, well, it is also work. At everyone the.

No, the uncle Lyosha was not unpleasant to me the fact that he is cynical that takes tip from relatives of the dead. So at us it is accepted. The hospital attendant of a morgue dresses the dead, does it a make-up, it is lucky to the mourning hall. Here, in the mourning hall trimmed with strict gray marble if the clinic is richer, puts a coffin on a pedestal and puts in it the dead man. Here in a corner there is an imperceptible small bedside table, in it the razor, scissors and what women of fashion call meyk ap . It is useful to correct a look of the dead man who should - be shaved and so on.

The uncle Lyosha never afforded a dressing gown splodgy with blood with the bulged pocket. But something disturbed me in the relations with it. Perhaps, rejection of the fact that the hospital attendant - the physician, eventually - is engaged also in funeral services. And that there was this incompatible situation when the hospital attendant earns much more the doctor!

* * *

In the Guinness Book of Records there is such information: in the world in a year 10 people from 1000 die. Every 100-th... Sooner or later each of us faces death of relatives, friends, acquaintances. Cares become rescue - to die in Russia is much more expensive, than to be born or celebrate a wedding...