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What do we know about onions?

of O artificial tears often speak: Unlucky creature because essential oils which this vegetable contains when cutting irritate mucous membranes of eyes and a nose. They cause also specific, very persistent smell of onions, from - for what do not eat onions, going to work, on a visit, and furthermore on appointment.

Here, perhaps, and all its unpleasant properties while useful - it is much bigger. They are known from antiquity when this vegetable appeared on our table. The onions homeland - the Middle East, from there it got at first to Egypt, then to Rome, Greece and other countries, including to Russia. Today about 400 types of onions are known, slightly more than a half of them grows in our country.

Already in ancient times people believed that onions protect from diseases. When there were epidemics, a linking of onions hung out in everyone in the house. There are attestations of eyewitnesses and that the one who ate daily onions did not get sick with either plague, or a typhoid.

Today to these miracles there was an explanation. In onions found volatiles - the phytoncides destroying pathogenic bacteria. That is why during a flu epidemic the thicket should eat onions, to chew it for 2 - 3 minutes several times a day, to grease with onions juice the nasal courses outside. During cold and a SARS it is useful to put at several o`clock in the nasal courses (but it is not deep!) the pieces of onions and garlic which are wrapped up by cotton wool or two layers of a gauze, bandage.

And here other recipe. Grate onions on a small grater and put in a glass, and put it in a pan with hot water. Cover a glass with a funnel from paper, and through its narrow end you breathe alternately one, other nostril for 5 minutes 3 - 4 times a day. And it is possible to breathe also over the cut bulb, having brought it it is close to a nose.

The Roman and Greek soldiers claimed that onions give force and courage. Travelers, going for a long time to northern regions, always stocked up with onions, and some of those who did not do it perished from a scurvy. Why? And on this question the answer is found now. Onions - a fine source of ascorbic acid, and a scurvy - the disease caused by a lack of this vitamin B to food.

But there are also less known properties of onions. For example, some physicians consider that it is a good adaptogen, that is, helps to adapt to change of time zones. It is useful to know about it first of all to pilots and stewardesses. Of course, it is difficult to imagine the elegant, smiling stewardess extending around herself an onions smell. But, when flight is complete and there is time for rest why not to use so simple and effective remedy?

Onions possess also antivermicular action: with its help it is possible to get rid of ascarids and pinworms. Before addressing drugs, try this folk remedy. Eat on an empty stomach a bulb, having cut it, it is possible with herring, and then accept laxative to clear intestines.

Onions are an also good expectorant means if to mix grated onions in half with honey and to accept on a teaspoon 4 - 5 times a day. And if you were bitten by a mosquito or a gadfly, apply a half of a svezherazrezanny bulb to the place of a sting, and pain will decrease at once. How here not to remember the Russian proverb - Onions - from seven an illness . And in the east speak: Onions, in your embraces there passes any illness .

At the same time at onions remarkable tastes. Here recipes of two very juicy salads.

Salad sea. the Big bulb lower

for 2 minutes in the boiling water. Then small cut. Add the cut boiled or tinned squids, a half of a teaspoon of seasoning hop - sunel, mix everything, salt to taste, fill with vegetable oil.

Salad onions. the Big bulb or two averages small cut

, pour, having put in a colander, abrupt boiled water, then cold water, wring out. Cut two hard-boiled eggs. Grate apple and a little cheese on a large grater. Mix everything, salt to taste and fill with vegetable oil or mayonnaise.

And it is possible to arrive and in a different way. Put onions on a plate, grease it with mayonnaise, the eggs then cut, on them mayonnaise, then cheese, a mayonnaise layer, from above apple and mayonnaise too. Accurately straighten everything with a spoon. Also juicy and beautiful salad which will decorate a holiday table will turn out.

With onions it is possible to prepare very simple and tasty hot dish. If you have the most usual vegetables, cook potato and put on it, it hot, " so far; " gas station; from onions. For this purpose cut half rings two bulbs and roast together with one carrots grated on a large grater, add a little salt, 2 - 3 cut tomatoes or a tablespoon of tomato paste. It is possible to add 2 - 3 small cut garlic segments. Extinguish this mix 20 - 30 minutes on weak fire. Potato with gas station is quite tasty. It can be given more hotly, and cold.