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Whether it is necessary to get rid of rats?

one mention of these our neighbors cause a shiver and feeling of loathing In some people. Besides that the rodents living in the neighbourhood with the person spoil furniture or the reserved products, they still are carriers of the most dangerous diseases. However, having overcome disgust and fear, let`s look at these animals objectively.

Rodents - too God`s creatures. It - in - the first. The dog who is faithfully looking in eyes and the rat living in the underground equally want to exist, and also have to use protection of the person. In - the second, it is hardly possible to claim that it is less pleasant to die of plague, than, let us assume, of AIDS extended exclusive by people.

And what methods of fight against rats! Here inquisitors will envy: traps, glue, utykanny needles cylinders, containers with water, whole arsenal of various poisons!. Where here to hunters of dogs with their primitive loops and Berdan rifles! By the way, all listed measures are vain - rodents still prosper both in the nature, and in the neighbourhood with us.

Even infectiologists agree that the antiplague service equipped by the last word of science and equipment is almost not able to eradicate the natural centers of plague. Even worse the situation with more widespread diseases - a tulyaremiya, leptospirosis and hemorrhagic fevers is.

A number of researches of the last years shows that continuous destruction of rodents in settlements at epidemics proceeding in the nature among these animals not only does not protect the population, but even, on the contrary, promotes increase of probability of infection of people (remember recent bird flu !) . It speaks simply. Indigenous people does not let house rats and mice from external environment of the migrating wild rodents bearing with themselves causative agents of diseases.

There are bases to assume that Europe got rid of plague epidemic not thanks to medicine but because the gray rats steady against this illness who came to us forced out in dwellings of Europeans black, being infection sources. So for the person it is safer to reconcile with the neighbourhood of one rat family with already habitual for it house microbes, than, having destroyed neighbors to endanger itself to catch diseases strangers .

As for intelligence, laboratory trials convincingly testify: rats, especially tamed wild, do not concede in this regard to dogs and even sometimes surpass some lowest monkeys! It is known how quickly they learn to avoid traps and poisons.

Of course to allow uncontrolled reproduction of these friends does not follow: will mount upon a neck will leave without stocks. Here pertinently to remember widely advertized " preparations; kontraseks . Besides, if to offer remains for the sake of pro-feeding of two - three residents it is possible to prevent their reproduction and to make the house stronger fortress with several degrees of protection.

Here it is valid and the mouse will not slip more precisely the stranger will not pass! Probably, use for this purpose of manual rodents, especially gray rats (at them immunity is stronger to different infections) is quite possible. It is worth to remember about observance of well-known hygienic rules because existence in the house of rodents can lead to drift of some infection from a garbage can on a dining table only. Pay attention, this remark is fair also for cats and dogs (so than rats it is worse?!) .

What is interesting, similar strategy got accustomed also in protection of plants where not full destruction of the wrecker, but control of its reproduction at the low-notable level is more effective. Thus, natural biocenoses do not collapse.

The low number of rodents promotes gradual localization and, further, elimination prirodno - focal infections. People are free to choose whom it is more preferable to them to have as a pet - a dog, a cat, a rat, a snake or a crocodile - to the closer heart lies. If only our satellites did not disturb others, and we would not forget that in the answer for those who were tamed .