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How to cause inspiration and what to do if it came?

The inspiration,

is not on sale but it is possible to sell the manuscript

Pushkin, that wrote it, in my opinion, to A. S.!

Probably, the condition of inspiration is familiar to everyone. At someone in this state verses are written, at someone are thought out business - schemes, at someone Only one unites all - this inspiration too seldom comes

A most of people in general consider that original ideas (in any field of activity) - the privilege people creative and they do not carry themselves to those. Thoughts and ideas, on their understanding, just are on a silver platter and they are impossible it is simple to invent . And in general, the inspiration is considered something not tamed it comes seldom, stays not for long

the Few know that it is possible just to cause in itself inspiration. It turns out in the beginning not really, but and all of us once were not able to go.

The inspiration, arrival of creative ideas or a phase of inspiration is only one of phases of creative process. And not very first.

Process of creation something original can be described approximately so.

1. Collection of information.

2. Generation of ideas - inspiration.

3. The incubatory period - digestion of ideas.

4. An assessment of ideas by the chosen criteria.

5. Realization of the chosen ideas.

the cycle is repeated Further.

How to cause in itself inspiration?

Here several ways.

1. To remember when at you something turned out easily, effortlessly, cheerfully Remember feelings which you had then try to cause them intentionally.

2. Ritual. That to allure inspiration the writer Joseph Conrad usually took a hot bath, Ludwig van Beethoven (speak) had a shower bath cold water, and the composer Brahms polished boots For what all of them did it? And here for what. Ritual automatically adjusts on a special condition of mentality which allows to be connected directly to information which is stored in subconsciousness. And from there already original ideas also come.

3. Collect information which is interesting to you, and begin to process it. How? I do not know. To classify, think how practically to use it, etc. Generally, to do that it is interesting to you. The inspiration usually comes imperceptibly, bringing lots of interesting ideas. It is the most reliable, most checked inspiration source. Only do not forget to fix all ideas coming to you at this time.

4. Get to yourself the imagined Muse (or the Hero). It can be anyone, it is possible to invent that you want. And before any creative work swear yourself an oath that you do it not for yourself, and for It (for It)! As if She (he) about it very much asked you (asked). Itself did not try, but on development of creative thinking this reception is mentioned in special literature quite often.

5. Before any nonintellectual work relax and give yourself the " task; to think about . After performance of work write down all occurred thoughts. Quite perhaps, them will be quite a lot.

And now - what to do with these, come to mind, ideas.

1. To record. It is possible on paper, on a dictophone, generally, to grab an essence and to record somewhere.

2. To put in bank of ideas. For example, at me it is a cardboard box where the thoughts written on pieces of paper lie. It is possible to keep ideas in the special file, now even specialized computer programs appeared.

3. It is regular to look through and classify ideas, to unite them with others. At this time it is also possible to sgenerit a lot of things interesting.

4. To think as as it is possible to put into practice. To make the plan of application.

5. To begin to apply.


As you can see to attract inspiration in the life and most to become (most) creative person it is not so difficult. So begin! Right now!