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How to get on fjords? Nizhny Novgorod - St. Petersburg - Oslo

Norway in representation of the traveler is, first of all, fjords. The sea gulfs cut in the coastline, certainly, impress. But the huge number of Afro-Norwegians was my first impression of Oslo. The travel agency lodged us in the center of the northern capital. It turned out that the center is populated long ago with emigrants of whom in the country it is already more than ten percent. Aboriginals prefer to live on the coast. Because any Norwegian respecting himself is obliged to have the yacht or the boat. Yachts in this country it is, at first sight, much bigger, than cars.

However, all one after another. The bus from St. Petersburg, having passed Helsinki, plunged into a subsoil of the huge " ferry; Silvia Line and already pure and well-groomed Stockholm. The brightest impression - near a town hall the huge Afro-Swede in the purest Russian took an interest whether is not present for sale of the Russian vodka.

Got acquainted. Call Oscar. Of Brazil. Studied in Minsk. After coming to power of Gorbachev understood what could not be looked for in our country and moved to Scandinavia. The main way of earning money - resale of alcoholic drinks. Vodka to it is delivered by drivers of buses and guides. Very profitable business as in the Scandinavian countries she is approximately ten times dearer. Having learned that I from Nizhny Novgorod, took an interest as the conflict between Nemtsov and Klementyev (the famous Nizhny Novgorod characters) develops. Looking at my dumbfounded person, the Oscar willingly explained that it was in our city for the purpose of acquaintance to an opposite sex, but the Nizhny Novgorod militia strong ironed it on the street Pokrovka. It was necessary russko - to tell the Swedish Brazilian that in Nizhny Novgorod other people order long ago. Generally from Moscow. The Oscar, to crown it all, was the member of the Brazilian communist party and addressed me mainly long ago the forgotten word - the companion. What, certainly, is pleasant. But it is time to move further.

Sweden is beautiful, boring and predictable. Therefore we leave it without special regret and we rush to the purpose of our travel - to the Norwegian fjords.

If is honest, then I saw fjords in the deep childhood because it at me passed on the bank of Kola Bay in the city of Murmansk. Just earlier I did not guess that it is the fjord too.

Norway managed to strike with the huge tunnels which are cut through in rocks. These are the most difficult technical constructions. The longest of them - 27 kilometers. When the two-storeyed tourist bus goes on this tunnel, and necessarily represent that over us the rock kilometer, necessarily begins claustrophobia. Women begin to sigh and gasp, and men reach for emergency rations of the alcoholic drinks bought at the Moscow station of St. Petersburg.

By the way, very much I advise at such trips to make the maximum purchases of alcohol and cigarettes in the homeland. And still, surely buy usual black bread. You will desire it at once after crossing of the customs terminal of Torfyanovk.

Vodka, beer and cigarettes stand in Norway time in ten more, than at us. However, several days can and be suffered. Beer quite good. Vodka should be tried Akva Vita . It on the Norwegian legend before sale is carried by the special ship round the world. Then she, according to descendants of Vikings, develops an unusual taste.

Very big impression is made by the road from Oslo to Sogne - the fjord. On this fjord carry bulk of tourists. At first you rise highly to mountains (more true by hills). Trees completely disappear and the real tundra begins. Self-organized sheep roam about roads. There are no shepherds in principle, and drivers of buses continually should beat brakes. The most interesting begins during descent. Each turn adds a decent portion of adrenaline to blood. Landscapes very beautiful - mountains, a set of falls, houses with grass roofs.

On Sogna - the fjord at first it is possible to see the most mountain railroad in the world. Views from the window of cars just amazing. Midway the structure stops and you are waited by representation. The falls under music leave the girl and dances. On a legend - entices to himself the groom. In good optics it is visible that girl already advanced in years and it all these national games decently bothered.

Then travel on the boat on the fjord. A great number of the become impudent seagulls and if carries, seals. Water very pure and transparent.

In Oslo after three hours on Friday life fades. Wick - and. Everything is closed. Life goes on only on the local Arbat - the street between the Central station and the Town hall. If saw the beautiful woman - it is the tourist from Russia. The power of women reigns in Norway. This circumstance strongly oppresses descendants of Vikings. Recently became fashionable to bring wives from Russia.

Still there is a set of the museums, driving on rickshaws (students from countries of Eastern Europe earn additionally). Obligatory souvenirs in the form of trolls.

Summary: the country is beautiful, but very expensive. It is worth visiting.