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What is a skazkoterapiya?

Are worth telling Once upon a time there were or In some kingdom - in some state as it is already clear that the fairy tale begins.

And what it in these unpretentious words? - The mysterious formula which is smoothly forming spatial interest throughout the millennia long before emergence fashionable nowadays neuro - linguistic programming is put into them. And hardly accident that one of the very first books of ancestors of the NLP is called on at all - fantastic: From frogs in princes !

Centuries-old popular wisdom is richer than any author`s theory, and the skazkoterapiya is based on inexhaustible richness of this wisdom and boundless potential of psychological opportunities.

Simple example: The grandfather Put a turnip. The turnip big - very big " grew; For some reason words about how it was watered, weeded etc. You know why? This turnip ITSELF GREW. And the fairy tale says that it is only worth beginning business as it will go, and good luck by all means will smile! - In officialese it would be called work incentives by a modeling method prichinno - investigative communications.

of Missile defense a turnip can be considered it still here.

And about Ryabu`s Chicken - a philosophical story...

The fairy tale - the mirror reflecting the real world through a prism of personal perception. In it everything that does not happen in life is possible. And, notice, always the happy end! The listener is always copresent with the events, he can imagine himself any of characters, endure all peripetias of a plot, responding on them soul. It is true chance to understand and accept themselves and the world, to raise a self-assessment and to change in the desirable direction.

And there is everything easily and simply, it is possible to tell - effortlessly. You will tell: Why the psychologist is in that case necessary, time the fairy tale does everything? Well, for example, to ask questions, answers to which the person gets from itself - because their everyone knows itself, only does not know that he knows. The psychologist, probably, can be compared to the live tool which can orient, show the direction, but you should not demand that it passed your way for you.

Which - who, however, considers that the fairy tale is pertinent in the childhood and only. But in each of us from young nails to the most respectable age the internal child, the internal adult and the internal parent get on. Imagine that they live in a cozy lodge, borrowing on the apartment, visit to each other, are on friendly terms, argue, quarrel

For example, you incidentally hear a scrap of conversation of passersby - the adult and the kid in whom the senior interlocutor diligently lisps. It means, its internal I am a child it was locked at itself tightly, having shut windows, having drawn curtains, not responding on calls

If to you this baby talk cuts hearing - means, your own internal child is not going to become a hermit if on the contrary - it is time to try keys to get out it, did not choke without light and air yet.

And it is a signal of the spiritual wounds which happened in the childhood. Here - that is also useful a skazkoterapiya - a magic footpath in the lived childhood - to find in it the acquired problem and to resolve - too through the fairy tale. It gets into itself for all technological kitchen from diagnostics before correction, including prevention and development of identity. Besides it is organically synthesized with other methods of psychotherapy, it is applicable in individual and group practice, is suitable for any age.

You can make the fairy tale the assistant in education and training of children, in knowledge of, in mutual understanding with people around.

Offer the child who is not given the equations, to present that he is the prince finding a sword - kladenets or the princess stolen by a dragon in the bewitched lock, and has to choose among a set of doors only necessary, and then more and more time, will not reach the treasured purpose yet.

When you do not get on the relations with colleagues, reflect to what fantastic situation it is similar and how it was resolved by heroes Secrets of your happiness - in your hands, and all wise men of the world will not be able to teach you as it will be made by you, having found a key to the soul!