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Whether well women drive the car?

Driving behavior of men and women strongly differ. Well, who told that women bad drivers? No matter, who it was, the fact that it was not right is important! Why? We now everything will in detail sort it.

The known fact that women suffer from loss of attention driving less and to their ability to concentrate on the road many males can envy. The motor transport of the lady is perceived too literally and correctly done. The Car is a vehicle, here I by it just go! women think. For them there is no concept of a cult of the car, but it serves them much longer, than to men. It is not paradox! By results of researches it was revealed that women on car washes come around nearly 30% more often than men. I asked one girl why her car is always ideally pure, even during a rain and slush once. She answered that when it has a dirty car, it seems to it that dirt at it on a face, but not on a cowl. Order of the woman is kept also in inside of the car. Here ask men to show contents of luggage carriers and for certain the majority of them will refuse to make it because so much stuff not on each dump can be found.

It is not necessary and to say to you that it is difficult to meet the man who would not try to squeeze out of the four-wheel friend a maximum of its opportunities at least once. And among women there is no direct rivalry among themselves, to them does not come to mind to be driven on counter or to cut other driver, or to push luck, passing on red color of the traffic light.

Perhaps therefore it is also much less accidents on roads because of women. It to you will be told by any inspector of traffic police. Someone will think that it because driving it is much less women, than men. It, of course, true, but if to take these figures in a percentage ratio, then, believe, the incorruptible statistics will be in favor of a fine half of mankind.

Even treat process of training in elements of driver`s skill of the woman more responsibly. Among my acquaintances and yours, probably, too, about a half of men or just bought the driving license, or took driving test at random. Ask the woman why she learns traffic regulations and she will answer you that not only her life, but also life of many pedestrians will depend on quality of her driving.

Yes, probably, women in the main weight cannot rectify a fault in the car and directly be engaged in repair. Yes, what there to tell, and a wheel - it is difficult to replace that on heels and with smart manicure. In a justification of women can tell a huge number of car services on routes presently. I think, already there passed times when real the driver called the one who could disassemble the engine on gayechka and bring together him again. In total - the driver is the one who well drives a car!

Alas, it turns out that women almost on all indicators steer the car better us, men. It turns out that it is worth studying driving at our mothers, sisters and wives and to be extremely attentive on roads. And, the most important to forget all same jokes about blondes driving.